Solution for support three new fields types in Studio


I finished a project for adding new fields types to Studio. You can take the archive installer for Module Loader and small instruction here:

I added next fields types:
  • Collection - The block of fields which can be multiply on forms.
  • Collection files - The multiply load files on forms.
  • Dynamicbase - The one text which can be multiply on forms.

The solution is safe when upgrading version.

I will be glade to get your comments.


It is cool. Star and like.

Looks very promising… i will take a look and try and let you know…

Please note this:
1- Trying the package Collection and Collection Files does not work if the module name is quite long, please see here:

Cannot create column Query Failed: ALTER TABLE cdz_commisions_rules_templates_cstm add COLUMN `collection_files_bf_multi_files_cdz_commisions_rules_templates_autolink_2_c` longtext  NULL : MySQL error 1059: Identifier name 'collection_files_bf_multi_files_cdz_commisions_rules_templates_autolink_2_c' is too long

2 - Hope that in the near feature it will be supported also in Module Builder, if you are going to develop your own module you will be forced to add code also in studio instead of using only MB.

Hope this can helps
Thanks for sharing

What you’ve done can be the answer to “line items way” questions found tons of times around the forum.

@rainolf, thank you for comments.

OK. I will fix it.

I blocked this solution in ModuleBuilder on purpose. If you make the package and after that install it on system without support this fields types you will have problem.