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SuiteCRM 8 General Feedback

We would love to have you feedback and input to help make SuiteCRM 8 Great for everyone.

SuiteCRM 8 marks our biggest SuiteCRM upgrade to date and we are very excited to be sharing it with you. In the coming months, we will continue to enhance SuiteCRM 8 with new features and issue fixes. For more information regarding this, please see our Road Map which will provide further information on what can be expected from future releases.

If you have found an issue you think we should know about please Submit An Issue. Before raising an issue please be sure to check the Release Notes and list of Known Issues.

If you want to get involved or submit a Fix, fork the repo and when ready please Submit An PR or if your fix is also for SuiteCRM 7 your only need to submit it here - More detail for developers can be found here.

Otherwise we look forward to hearing your thoughts below

Hi there,
starting evaluate SuiteCRM8 and i know, lot of efforts has been done.

Seeing Feature Issue on:

i’ve found this:
Adding fields via studio can cause errors

And i can confirm that, when trying to use Studio do create or modify a field i receive the error:
“Failed to Retrieve Data”

which makes Suite8 not very usable due to the fact most of us have lot of customization in place.
My question is: “Does we can have a roadmap about this list of known issues or feature gap in order to schedule when version 8 can be considered by us as Usable?”

I see also a roadmap for version 8.1 but i think that current production stable release should have most of previous features and 2022 can be too long time.

Hope you understand my point of view and gain, congratulation for this goal!

Hi @rainolf,

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve raised this internally.

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Hi. Good job. SuiteCRM 8 looks nice.

Im Testing the production instance and see some issues.

  1. The sub panel activities don’t have the action options to create, edit or deleted activities.
  2. In the module binder I create a new set module, I created an image type field and after displaying and repairing the field only comes out as text, it does not allow to upload files.

I will continue testing and send more information,


Hi @jrivas,

Thank you for your feedback.

The subpanel issue we noticed shortly after the release and its on our queue.

I’ve raised the other internally.

By the way, would also like to thank you for the feedback given on the Introducción SuiteCRM 8 youtube video.

The Tasks module seems to have a Date/Time field for the Start and End dates.

However, there is also a column for “Due Date” and “Due Time” The “Due Date” field has both the due date and the time, and there is nothing in the “Due Time” column"…

Is this a bug or am I missing something?