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Editing Module menu filters, i get a blank page SuiteCRM 8


I’ve installed Suite8 on a fresh server. When i try to save changes to the module menu filters, i get a blank page, and the changes are not saved.

There is nothing in the error logs :confused:

Do i need to set permissions post installation? If so i assume this is slightly different to v7?


Hi @Bungle ,

Thank you for trying out SuiteCRM 8.

Sorry for the delay in replying. We are in a holiday season so people may take a bit more in replying. My self included.

Yes, it’s a good idea to set permissions again.

If that doesn’t work, could you try the following please?

Check is the following logs:

  • logs on logs/prod/prod.log
  • logs in public/legacy/suitecrm.log
  • PHP error logs

If nothing on the above:

  • On the file .env change the APP_ENV=prod to APP_ENV=qa
  • open the browser devtools
  • try again
  • Check the network tab for a graphql with an error entry on the response
  • This error should have a stack trace.

Could you send this please?

Thank you

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No worries, thank you for helping - holidays for me too - but isolating and find myself here :frowning:

Its a steep learning curve for me. There is nothing in the logs. I edited the .env file and opened dev tools and tried again - but i cant see any errors in the network tab - but not sure if i am looking correctly… this is what i see…

Initial View:



It looks like on Suite8 the Module Menu Filters don’t apply at the beginning. (This may be by design. I personally like the new way, but we don’t use many modules.) In your initial view each module has its own dropdown. The modules are not grouped by sales, marketing, etc in the new version like they were in the old version.

When you save and deploy, I don’t know if it is trying to change anything since the menu filters weren’t applied at the beginning. Since nothing is being updated/changed that might be why there are no errors. (I haven’t had the blank page when I tried it, so I’m not sure about that part.)

The Display Modules And Subpanels section in Admin will still allow you to hide and show certain modules from the users. So that section of the amdin panel is changing the nav-bar still. But that won’t help you with grouping them in dropdowns in the the navbar.

I’m trying to look more into the navbar in Suite8. I’ll post again if I find anything helpful and upgrade safe.

When on Version 7.12.2 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344), when we update the Module Menu Filters it would update the /custom/include/tabConfig.php along with other files. In Suite8 the /custom/include/tabConfig.php file is updated when we adjust the Module Menu Filters but nothing is changing.

I’m guessing it has to do with the new navbar settings being saved another place. I’ll keep looking.

ahh - ok - i really appreciate the help.

I love the progress being made, but wow - as a non developer I’ve spent years trying to get to grips with the old framework - though always tried to keep up to date… but at the moment I’m feeling so complete and utterly lost .

I think the new navbar information is now here: /core/app/core/src/lib/components/navbar or here:core/backend/Navbar

I’m pretty sure the first one is the most relevant since its not in the folder backend and on Adding a Custom Sidebar Widget :: SuiteCRM Documentation they say:

"The first step is to create a standard component. You can place it anywhere, though we recommend following a folder structure similar to the core one. So you could add it to <suite-8-path>/extensions/<extension-name>/app/src/containers/sidebar-widget/<widget-name>"

There might be a a way to use the /core/app/core/src/lib/components/navbar/grouped-menu-item and the information in /custom/include/tabConfig.php to make an extension or something in the custom or extension folder to match the old menu layout you had, but I don’t know if that is possible.

You might have to wait for the Module Menu Filters integrated to the new front-end in a later update. One of the members of the Forum Team or Maintainer can probably help more after the holidays.

I’ll see if I can figure anything else out, but I don’t know if I’ll get any further.


Hi @Brian.r, @Bungle,

@Brian.r thank you for the help!

Regarding the module groups

@Bungle From what I understood you want to see this:


instead of:

is this it?

By default its not using the grouped menus.

Have you tried enabling it in the profile?

If you want to change it globally, I think you can change it in config.php

  'default_navigation_paradigm' => 'm',


  'default_navigation_paradigm' => 'gm',

Anyway, the blank page is strange… Could you create an issue in SuiteCRM-Core project in github please? just for the blank page error (Update: just saw there is already an issue



Yes i had module menu filters enabled in the user profile.

The issue appears to be an incompatibility with PHP8 -

Hi @Bungle,

Thank you for the feedback!