🚀 Meet DaVueTheme: Enhancing SuiteCRM with Modern Design and Usability

Hello everyone!

Our team worked with SuiteCRM for over a decade and we recognized opportunities to further enrich the already impressive SuiteCRM 7.x system, particularly in enhancing its interactivity and design aspects.

We’ve developed a new 100% free theme, leveraging the VueJS 3 engine, to bring these enhancements to life and I wanted to gather your feedback!

It has the following features:

Client-Driven Design Improvements: Incorporates design enhancements based on a decade of client feedback and wishes.

VueJS 3 Engine: Utilizes the latest VueJS 3 engine for enhanced interactivity and responsiveness.

Backward Compatibility: Fully compatible with SuiteCRM 7.10.16++, SuiteCRM 7.11.4++, ensuring smooth integration with existing systems.

Easy Installation: Simple .zip distribution, easily installable through Module Loader, allowing for hassle-free setup.

Link Compatibility: Maintains compatibility with all existing links, ensuring seamless transition between old and new interfaces.

Parallel Use with Standard Design: Offers the flexibility to use DaVueTheme alongside the standard SuiteCRM design.

User-Friendly Interface: Focus on improved usability and a more intuitive user experience.

Kanban for All Modules: Implements Kanban boards across all modules with a status model, including Calls, Leads, Tasks, etc.

Fast Menu Search: Features an expedited menu search function, enhancing navigation efficiency.

and much more…

Here’s a quick video demo:

I’d like to gather your feedback and if you’re interested in being among the first to try it please send me the PM or reply to this thread.

This theme for SuiteCRM 7.x, is a simple downloadable module and is compatible with the standard out of the box design.

Version 8

We’re looking to bridge the gap between users that are using SuiteCRM 7.x and are looking to switch to version 8, but in the meanwhile would like to improve their current 7.x setups. We’re working on a SuiteCRM 8 theme version so that you will be able to maintain the same look when switching over to version 8!


  • At the moment, by our estimates, 95% of the functionality is ready and tested (some of our clients are already using DaVueTheme in production)
  • As we get ready, we will be posting reviews of the new functionality here
  • Soon we will post access to the demo server, so you can try it yourself
  • As soon as we finish all the tests, we will release the distributions for download, so you can check DaVueTheme on your systems

Usage Rights:

  • All versions of DaVueTheme will be available for free!

That’s all for now, we will be happy to answer your questions!

Best regards, DoApp team!



Looks super cool! I’d be glad to try it and give feedback.

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Wow!! We are waiting for details!!

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I would like to give it a try on v7.13 :heart_hands:

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@robert_sinclair this is quite impressive. Is this really just a “theme”, or is it a fully new front-end with a new framework?

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Amazing, looking forward to test a version 8 theme!

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thank you! It’s a standard module and can be selected in the choice of themes once installed, but it is indeed a new front-end altogether with new options etc.

Do you think we can setup a call? Would love to present it to you and others at SA if possible, I think this can be pretty interesting for existing 7.x users as well as those migrating to version 8.

thank you everyone! I’ve taken note of everyone who expressed interest and we’ll send you a PM once it’s live!


Please add me to the list

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Please add me to list

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Can you add me to the list as well?

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looking really nice (!), whenever available, I would also like to test it :slight_smile:

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Quite a nice design!

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Wow that’s impressive. Actually it looks amazing. Also I would like to give it a try when it’s available.


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Looks amazing and greatly appreciate the contribution. Looking to check it out, if there is a pre-release available. please share that for Testing it out.
@pgr @g.martin if merged into v7 Core Repo, it will attract more users. UI is the major decision factor now people adapt for other CRMs.

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Great work, look forward to trying it.
I still miss the tabs in old v6.5 detail view, compared to infinite amount of subpanels and vertical scrolling.

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Making our theme part of v7 Core would offer huge advantages. Currently, we have to expend a lot of effort to ensure compatibility with different versions (builds) of SuiteCRM, without interfering with the original SalesAgility code.

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Wanted to share a couple of updates:

  • Currently, we are working on integrating the amazing Plotly JavaScript Graphing Library into DaVueTheme for chart display.
  • If everything goes well, we plan to open demo access to a stand with SuiteCRM + DaVueTheme next weekend!

That’s sound great! :sparkles:

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It looks very promising, I would like to try in production on a 7.14 with PHP 8.1

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