Basic setup with group email

Hello to all,
we evaluate suitecrm and fail to setup a very basic setup:

One sales team that has access to a shared group email box sales@…
A support team that has access to a shared group email box support@… and which is using the AOP for dealing with the cases.
In addition all the sales users have all a personal account.
I thought this is a common basic starter configuration, but failed to configure it.
As admin I can access any of the incomming group e-mails.
If I try to assign them (as admin) to individual users in the folder management window (select one or many and click done) . I get a confirmation “The settings have been saved”.
Sales users can only access their personal email, if they have one.
Support users and Sales users without personal email can access the first created group email account.
The admin can access all group email and personal accounts.

In this thread the problem has been discussed but not solved:

I have studied the documentation in detail and the forum unable to find a solution, but many other unsolved group email discussion threads.

As a last resort I have created a second admin account.
This 2nd admin can access both of the group email accounts, but not the personal accounts.

Finally I created a role with access to everything and assigned this role to a newly created security group superuser.
Then I created a new user and assigned him to the superuser group.

The superuser (no personal email) has also only access to the first group email setup.

Please excuse my ignorance, if I asked the obvious and please give me an advice how to deal with this. I’m really desperately searching for a solution and about to give up.

Thanks a lot in advance.

We have exactly the same setup and requirement. Unfortunately, email is one of the worst implementations of SuiteCRM. Given that communication is a major part of the CRM part, SuiteCRM fails in this major feature category. This has been an issue for several years. The developers apparently have time to keep adding new features that do not bring much value but are not paying any attention to the most critical component of a CRM: email communication.

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Same problem here.

I need to set up a Group Mail Account for the Sales Team and only Admins can access the account.

As workaround I tried to config the account as personal mails on every sales profile but some problems happen in that way. The imported mail by user A is not seen as imported mail by user B and user B re-import the same mail. That’s not a valid workaround for me.

I think this is a very CRITICAL problem and I don’t know how to deal with it.

The issue Accessing Group Mailboxes Does Not Work · Issue #9028 · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub is tagged as critical but it has been opened for more than a year today no developer seem to be interested.

I’m not an experienced developer but this is really needed for me and I could try to spend some time to solve it but I don’t know how is it expected behavior.

The admin doc Email :: SuiteCRM Documentation say…

Group accounts must be set up by an Administrator. Access to a group account must be granted by an Administrator.

But no explanations about how an Administrator give access to Group Mail Accounts to a user.

Actually Group Account are shown to regular users in their profile mail settings “Mail Account” and they are allowed to activate an deactivate them but those accounts are not present in their “Available User Folders” in the “General” tab and they cant subscribe to them.

Any body could confirm if the expected behavior is this one?

  • Regular users should not be able to activate or deactivate Group Mail Account in their profile mail settings “Mail Account” tab. Only Admin users should be able to activate or deactivate Group Mails in the users profile. Regular users even doesn’t should see those Group Mail Accounts as available in the “Mail Account” tab when are deactivated for them.
  • Regular users should be able to subscribe to Group Mails activated for them in their profile mail setting “General” tab, selecting them in the “Available User Folders”.

Before to deal with this… some previous problems should be solved… because “Available User Folders” is unpredictable and when accidentally users click “none” they can’t revert the action and they are required to remove and add all their personal accounts and this is very annoying.

Some help would be appreciated.

v7.12.5 and 8


Dear @isaacmarco, have you tried with creating a Group User?

It’s definetely a less known feature…

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@ LionSolution, wow… that’s new for me. It’s hidden and no documented in the guides. I will try with this… and I will give my feedback.

I found this topic Group User How To? related to “Group Users” and “Group mail account”.

Thank you

There is a tiny bit of documentation there on the screen inside “Create group user” option:

I have some problems testing this. These are my steps.

  • Create a “Group User” (GU) and confing inbound and outbound mail accounts.
  • Create a regular user (RU) with his personal inbound and outbound mail.
  • Create a Security Group and I add GU and RU.
  • Login with RU, and go to Emails module. He only see his personal inbound mail account. but the inbound mail I cofigured for GU is not available.

I need different regular users to be able to read, import and answer mails arriving to a department mail account.

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Curious how this worked out?. Hoping for similar functionality. :grimacing:

I’m making progress on this. See here: Does anyone have group emails working for users?