Group User How To?

I am wondering how to use “Group User”. I created one but I don’t know how to assign users to the group.

I would like to enable automatic create case from inbound email and assign the newly created case to the group.

The the user in the group got notified for the new case.

Hi there,

If you were creating a group user the purpose of this would be to add an email address that would email a group of people in your organisation. You cannot “assign” users to a group user.



@iamoat: To elaborate on Will’s answer, a Case or any other record type can be assigned to a specific user, NOT to a group that contains multiple users.

A “group user” is like any other user with the exception of not being able to login to the system. Its sole purpose is to contain multiple email addresses that need to be notified for something. Do not be confused by the term “group” in the user type. You might want to look into using a Workflow to accomplish what you want.