How to assign inbox group email account to users?

Hi @stratacorps, it was marked “Solved” because at that time, I had a way to do what my customer wanted.

Anyway you’re right it shouldn’t be marked as solved, but in the new version of the forum I don’t know how to change this thread’ title.


Hi there. Is this still not fixed, @Mac-Rae? What a pity for all this great work if the email functionality isn’t working. It spoils the show. Even the two hotfixes posted by @Marc-Alexandre and enbyted do not work in my case. The folder selection window appearing in user mail settings is completely indifferent as to whether I tick or untick the mailboxes (which do correctly get listed there on the mail accounts tab, but missing on the general tab). If I untick them and then save the user’s profile, then when I next take a look they’re still marked as checked. The admin user, when clicking on the Emails module, has a button to the right on top of the list of messages which allows to select mail accounts. That button only exists in a degenerated form without content for normal users.

No offense, but do I take this correctly that SuiteCRM is for well over one year in a state in which non-admin users can’t access the system’s inbound mail accounts?

Afaik it’s working as expected right now, I’ll see if I can take a look today and confirm which side of the fence this falls on. It may be that the email documentation needs an update which if I get the time I can take a look at.

Emails is still broken in its own ways however on the front end it should at least be functional.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

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Hey there - any news on this front?

Hello to all,
we evaluate suitecrm and came across this problem in v.7.11.18.
Searching for a solution I finally found this thread and can confirm the problem is still there as described above by Marc-Alexandre and stratcorps.
Our goal is simple:
One sales team that has access to a shared group email box sales@…
A support team that has access to a shared group email box support@… and which is using the AOP for dealing with the cases.
In addition the sales users have all a personal account.
I thought this is a common basic starter configuration, but failed to configure it.
As admin I can access any of the incomming group e-mails.
If I try to assign them (as admin) to individual users in the folder management window (select one or many and click done) . I get a confirmation “The settings have been saved”.
But just reopening the folder management window I see they are not saved.
@ Mac-Rae: That’s at least how I understand you instruction from Dec. 2019.

Please excuse my ignorance, if I asked the obvious and please give me an advice how to deal with this.
With best regards

Yeah, there must be something wrong - I tried all sorts of things, for days, and I’m not like new to computers at any rate.

Hey folks! I’m circling back round these issues documenting them today, if you have any more issues with emails please let me know exact info so i can attempt to replicate them. Thanks!


I will try to write down my different issues I had with emails next weekend.

But as I am not working with suitecrm anymore for the last 3 months (new job) I will have to check they are still relevant

Good day to everyone !

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Hi @Mac-Rae - they are still relevant as detailed above.

Just the other day I spent really quite a couple of hours spread over a couple of days on it trying all sorts of things to get it to work, eventually had to stop.

Hi @Mac-Rae,
yes they are still as described above.
Perhaps the most programmatic way to understand our issue and help us, is to setup a new instance with the demo data.
Then create the two teams east sales und west sales as described in the security group documentation (as example).
Make a real group e-mail account for both sales teams and try to assign them to the users of each team.
If you succeed on this please document the steps (perhaps extend the documentation) you performed.
I’m willing to test this step by step based on your description and let you know, if and where I got stuck.
This is all close to a real starting configuration and I would believe it is helpful for everybody.
With best regards

Hey folks!

So! I managed to get it to work; I will point out that this is not a great setup and definitely needs improvements which I hope we will see with Suite8. I’ll write up proper documentation when I get the chance, however, for now, here’s the walkthrough of how to set up as you wanted.

  • Set up both your teams

  • Make sure all users who are using the group emails have a personal inbound and outbound email (Outbound can be system)

  • Create the 2 group emails, make sure you tick the “Allow users to send emails using the “From” Name and Address as the reply to address” options

  • Go to the user’s accounts as admin and open the emails menu, tick active next to the email account you want them to access.

  • Then in the email folders options hit none, this will display all emails folders this user has access to.
    CTRL+Clicking on an email folder will cause it to be hidden again.
    Hide all folders they don’t need.

  • Log in as the user, and in the emails module, you should see the emails displayed for that folder.

Hopefully, that works for you all, if not let me know and I can break it down further! There appears to be more than just a few issues :laughing: but I’m sure that during the development of Suite8 this system will be replaced or fixed in some manner to make this way more intuitive :+1:

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Quick edit, the button you need to tick is called this - Allow users to send emails using the “From” Name and Address as the reply to address:

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Came across this thread while trying to set up multiple group emails, however it seems that group emails and “personal” emails may conflict with each other if they match (auto-importing of emails stops working and thus custom logic hooks may also stop working).

This is just to note that the suggested setup is only a workaround and may not always work correctly.

What do you mean “if they match”? Meaning the Group email and the Personal email are for the same address?

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant :slight_smile:

Frustratingly the problem seems to still exist in some state. I have a reasonably new local install (though data are from an extended period). About is reporting as Version 7.11.18 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344). For some reason I as a user in security group (Academic) and role (Academic) am able to check group emails, but another security group (Front of House) and role (Front of House) am is not even after using the ‘Rebuilding Folders’ procedure you have. That led me to think it’s an odd permissions setting, BUT to try to chase it down I enabled all modules and selected ‘All’ for all permissions. The users assigned to Front of House still cannot check emails. I created myself as a new user in Front of House and then also added my role as Academic. The new user still CANNOT see any group emails neither before nor after doing the ‘rebuild folders’ procedure. It was just a hunch…hope it helps hunt down the issue.

Handling group emails is a core function of a CRM. Any new insights into this matter?

Sorry but I don’t understand this step. How exactly do I go the the user’s account as admin? Can you please tell me the steps as to what to click to get there? When I am loggedin as an admin, I can click on TOP RIGHT MENU > Profile > all the way to the bottom SETTINGS > click tab MAIL ACCOUNTS, and I see the group accounts and they are checked. When I login as the user and do the same, the group account do show and they are checked. However, when I go to the emails module and click on the top account navigation thingy, I don’t see the group accounts in the popup that shows.

Hi @ Mac-Rae, could you please confirm your recipe is still working?

I’m dealing with this in v7.12.5 but I think it’s not working at all. Your participation in Basic setup with group email will be appreciated.

I could work in a PR to solve this problems but I need to understand the expected behaviour.

Thank you.