Upgrade question

After uploading the upgrade package I receive this notification:

Upgrade process will update some files but these files also exist in custom/ folder. Please review the changes before continuing:

* themes/default/images/company_logo.png => custom/themes/default/images/company_logo.png
* modules/Leads/language/en_us.lang.php => custom/modules/Leads/language/en_us.lang.php
* modules/Home/dashlets.php => custom/modules/Home/dashlets.php
* include/tabConfig.php => custom/include/tabConfig.php

Is this something serious and something that will be deleted/replaced or is it more of a kind a FYI general notification?


Hello there,

Here is the post which has similar question, this may help you

Right, thank you for the link!

Just to add some information about that message specifically -

Think about this sequence:

  1. You change some file in custom, and it overrides something in core
  2. SuiteCRM core gets a new version of that file, and it matches changes in other files - all files need to be the new version at the same time
  3. You install that upgrade
  4. Problem 1: your custom file is still overriding the core file. Having a new core file is not taking any effect.
  5. Problem 2: since the other files were changed, now there is an inconsistency in your system

So, while normally these changes aren’t very relevant, occasionally they can break your system. You should look at all those files listed in the upgrade screen, one by one, and if necessary merge your changes with the new code.

Sorry, I know this is very laborious, but there really is no way around it - the upgrader can’t guess what you have in your code…

I see, thanks a lot for that valuable information.