Upgrade process will update some files but these files also exist in custom/ folder. Please review the changes before continuing:

The expected behavior is for the Upgrade wizard to install the package and maintain the customizations made through studio. I have made some edits through Studio to add fields and custom views, nothing all that complex or outside of studio.

I am upgrading from 7.11.15 to 7.11.18. When Uploading the package I get the following alert

Proposed Solution: : I can go through and delete the individual files (or perhaps install the originals, then update, then go back and make the customizations, to hopefully get things working without issues. But there are a number of concerns/problems here.

  • Will uninstalling these customizations break the environment (stopping the ability to use upgrade wizard)
  • The time it will take to make these changes manually, and room for error lining up with database, etc
  • The hindrance to updating in the future.
  • No option to proceed and overwrite files using the wizard (package is removed when alerts show)

At this point I don’t have the time to do this manually, is there hope to a better solution?

I explained this in that thread you linked:

There is no way around it, some manual merge process is required.

The only thing I would add is that if you start actually doing it, you realize that most of the files mentioned contain irrelevant modifications, or are files that get consolidated in QR&R anyway (so you don’t have to do that work), and so most of it can be safely ignored.

It’s just that for production systems, you need to make sure and examine each one.

Just posting the Github thread for anyone stumbling across this thread

I don’t know what you mean by safely ignore, the wizard drops the package and won’t proceed when those errors show.

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Facing the same issue. I am also not able to upgrade to the latest version available.
It gives me tons of files that are changed and in custom folder but when I clicked on next, it got me to a blank page.

I am trying to upgrade from 7.11.13 to 7.11.18


I don’t think that the problem is the message you’re seeing on screen, it’s something else. That message just happens to be there prominently displayed when your upgrade breaks.

You should check your upgradeWizard.log and php_errors.log and of course suitecrm.log, all of these pay attention to timestamps and see what happened at the moment your upgrade was interrupted.