Why does the Upgrade package contain files that have not changed?

The upgrade process notifies you if a file exists in the custom folder. I have always clicked ‘next’ and dealt with the consequences later, because i generally don’t have the time to go through every file.

However today i have the time, so thought i would to go through and check the files. I am upgrading using 7.11.X to 7.11.13.

The first two files it warns about are :

  • include/tabConfig.php => custom/include/tabConfig.php
  • include/language/en_us.lang.php => custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php

Neither of these files have changed since i upgraded to 7.11.12, so why are they included in the upgrade package? Presumably this is because they might have changed since 7.10?

If that’s the case it would be great to have an upgrade file which only contains files that have changes since the last upgrade. It would save a significant amount of time each time an upgrade is made, by avoiding checking files unnecessarily.

It’s because the package is 7.11.x to 7.11.13, so that X makes it necessary to include everything since 7.11.0. Building the packages actually is a tiresome process, we’ve been making it more automated as we go along, but it’s not as easy as it might seem.

This process you wish for could be achieved by deploying from git.

But that requires some care, also. It has its own pitfalls. Lots of people use it, though; and to manage your customizations in parallel with the core upgrades, it can be great.

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i see, thank you, that’s really helpful.
ill have to get to grips with git properly