SuiteCRM Upgrade Process from 7.13.x to 8.4


I am trying to upgrade from 7.13.x to 8.4. Can somebody explain what is the correct procedure please, as I have looked at the docs already but they seem to contradict each other.

On the following page it says you can upgrade from 7.12.x to 8.x:

On the download page below the only migration package is from 7.14.x to 8.x

When I try to upgrade from 7.13.x (my current version) to 7.14.x, the upgrade screen goes blank half way through the upgrade process, something I have been unable to resolve. The server meets all the requirements and I have reset permissions and ownership multiple times.

What is currently the best way for me to get onto 8.4 from 7.13.x please? Is it via 7.14.x (in which case I will create a new post about my blank upgrade screen issues) or can I go straight to 8.4 (and if so how and where is the migration package)?

Thanks a lot


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has anybody managed to upgrade to version 8 or is everybody starting from scratch with a clean install?

I’ve attempted it about 3 or 4 times, it’s nigh on impossible. I think I got as far as being able to see the new login screen once. I’ve now given up and will stay on the 7.x.x version for as long as I can.


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