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SalesAgility are excited to announce the new, ready-to-use business analytics platform, SuiteCRM Analytics. This Open Source and free to download solution was built using Pentaho BI Suite Community Edition and will provide SuiteCRM users with the ability to launch, administer and customise their own BI platform.

You can check out more information here on our blog post:

If you have any issues installing or running the solution then feel free to reach out here or on the GitHub repo.

SuiteCRM Data Integration:

SuiteCRM Analytics:

Want to leave some feedback? Fantastic! Let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the future releases.

Documentation found here

Just for clarity, how are these installed? I read the documentation but not super clear. Are these installed as an add-on through module installer in SuiteCRM, or are they their own stand alone applications?


I have successfully installed the data integration and web analytics, and I can see a login box. I am sure I am being dim and missed this in the set up, but I do not have a user name and password. My suitecrm install U/N and P/W does not work. I cannot see any entry in the documentation regarding this. What have I missed?

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The username is admin and the password is password

They are not plugins for SuiteCRM but instead standalone applications. SuiteCRM Data Integration is a Java application (you will need to make sure you have OpenJDK-8-JRE installed) and SuiteCRM-Web-Analytics is a web app that is bundled into an Apache Tomcat server running on port 8080

Thank you for your reply, much appreciated… For security, please can you advise how these credentials are changed?

Sure. Log into the server on on the main screen on the top left click:

Home > Administration

You will see Users and Roles and you can change passwords here

OK, so i added Tomcat to WHM (I think that automatically installs JRE (??) as a dependency)

I followed the install instructions, downloaded the packages, uploaded them, unzipped them. Edited the setup files, ran the setup, which all seemed to go fine, and it connected to the DB , etc.

When I navigate to: i get “this site can’t be reached”

I’m kind of stumped.

Did you download your own copy of Tomcat? The package comes with tomcat already bundled. You will however have to install OpenJDK-8-JRE.

After you unzip, setup (be sure to configure the install,properties to point to your database first!) you want to run the script called This will boot the apache tomcat server and bundled application. Once its booted which could take from 30 seconds to a few minutes depending on your machine, you should be able to access the server like you said on port 8080.

If you still have issues feel free to let me know and we can take a look at the log files :slight_smile:

Should i have a vanilla OS installation then i install Data Integration and analytics or can i install the two within my existing SuiteCRM server? Could the installation instructions be more in depth in the documentation please?

You can do either. Assuming your SuiteCRM Server has OpenJDK8 installed then SuiteCRM Analytics will work.

It is worth pointing out however that IF you install SuiteCRM Analytics on the same server as your SuiteCRM web application then you might run into performance issues when people try to run big queries from SuiteCRM Analytics. It might be better practise to place your copy of SuiteCRM Analytics on a whole new server so your analysts can run reporting queries without impacting your installation of SuiteCRM where people will be adding, editing and deleting records.

One other thing to consider is that IF SuiteCRM Analytics is installed on a separate server then it will be pulling data across the network from SuiteCRM which could be slightly slower than if they were both installed on the same machine. You need to weigh up the pros and cons as there is not simple answer. A second server or SuiteCRM Analytics will no doubt also cost more money than a single server.

I hope this helps a little and if you have feedback on the documentation then please let me know as its only based on installation at the moment.


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One other thing I forgot to mention! I should add to the documentation they recommended hardware required to run SuiteCRM Analytics. Unlike SuiteCRM which does not require much ram etc, SuiteCRM Analytics can benefit from a more powerful machine.

This is simply because SuiteCRM queries are usually only bringing back small amount of data. SuiteCRM Analytics can pull back much more data for aggregation.

I would recommend a minimum of 4gb ram for SuiteCRM analytics. The VMs i work on here I give them around 8gbs ram so that i get good performance

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Hi everybody!

I’ve been trying to install and run SuiteCRM Analytics. The installation process seemed to be successful. But when I ran I get a bunch of errors in Catalina logs and a 404 http error when trying to access the web interface.

Here’s the log file

Could anybody help me, please?
Thank you very much

Hey there,

Its difficult to tell looking at the log. Could you try stopping all Java processes and deleting the tomcat/logs/catalina.out log for me then try to start the server fresh again? If it fails to boot send me the catalina.out log file so I can see what happening from a fresh boot.

Please make sure that all java processes associated with the suitecrm server have stopped before you do this! Either run the stop bash script or kill the java processes before you try to boot again.


Thank you very much, @ivyis for your interest.

Here’s the log file after stopping all java processes and rebooting:

Sorry guys… reviewing the requirements I realized I had both OpenJDK 8 and 11 installed. I just removed version 11 and it worked!

Thank you anyway.

Ahhh thats an easy mistake to make. Good job!

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Tell me that’s an easy mistake, too!

Greetings. I’m trying to get SuiteCRM data analytics installed in my server and i’m failing everytime.

I’ve checked and i have wget installed and tomcat running.
I also java SDK. Whenever i check it (By using java -version) i get this

openjdk version “1.8.0_242”
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_242-8u242-b08-0ubuntu3~18.04-? b08)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.242-b08, mixed mode)

Thing is, whenever i run script i get this error:

Checking database Connections…
./ line 10: ./ No such file or directory

We could not establish a connection to the SuiteCRM database!
Please check the JDBC connection properties and run setup again.

It seems a bad configuration but i properly set based in my database configuration which it’s perfectly running with suiteCRM itself and other projects hosted in my server.

Any ideas? Please help. Thank you

Hi there i installed the data analytics, but when i try to get information from the database of suite crm, i get Error processing component or error parsing parameter information. Does anybody knows how to solve this.
Waiting for reply