Suite 8.1 Installation

Hello CRMcommunity,
Help wanted: trying to install Suite V8, Create table Error, specified key was too long.
Any idea, how to solve or get around to finalize the installation?
Your help will be greatly appreciated!

-Shared linux, x86_64 GNU/Linux,
-PHP 8.0,
-Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.51, for Linux (x86_64) using EditLine wrapper

  • Error log: [FATAL] Error creating table: fields_meta_data: Query Failed: CREATE TABLE fields_meta_data (id varchar(255) NOT NULL ,name varchar(255) NULL ,vname varchar(255) NULL ,comments varchar(255) NULL ,help varchar(255) NULL ,custom_module varchar(255) NULL ,type varchar(255) NULL ,len int(11) NULL ,required bool DEFAULT ‘0’ NULL ,default_value varchar(255) NULL ,date_modified datetime NULL ,deleted bool DEFAULT ‘0’ NULL ,audited bool DEFAULT ‘0’ NULL ,massupdate bool DEFAULT ‘0’ NULL ,duplicate_merge smallint DEFAULT ‘0’ NULL ,reportable bool DEFAULT ‘1’ NULL ,importable varchar(255) NULL ,ext1 varchar(255) NULL ,ext2 varchar(255) NULL ,ext3 varchar(255) NULL ,ext4 text NULL , PRIMARY KEY (id), KEY idx_meta_id_del (id, deleted), KEY idx_meta_cm_del (custom_module, deleted)) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci: MySQL error 1071: Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

It’s always a good idea to search the forums in case anybody else has already faced the same issue:

It feels like version 8 needs to mature more before it is production stable and ready for production environment in my opinion. :thinking:

I’m not going to upgrade before I see those signs.

@PowerQuest I guess that is normal for a free and open-source project like this one. There is no way the maintainers can test all the possible situations and configurations, and the Community needs to start installing and helping out. Which is happening, and that’s good.

I am also using v8 only in test situations, for now.

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True and I agree @pgr . :facepunch:
But in a strong community there should be no bigger issues in getting people involved to donate some cash for these development purposes. SuiteCRM has strong user base with thousands and thousands of companies using it so tossing a few dollars into a development pool for good cause, (like for example a monthly/yearly crowdfunding/donation) that benefits everyone should not not be a big thing in my opinion.

But hey if you never ask you never receive an answer, right? (Hint hint devs) :smirk:

This is all very nice but it never seems to happen… SalesAgility have their donate button up there on GitHub, and it’s generated almost zero income. I have my Sponsorship system set up and I have two generous donors, but it wasn’t enough to keep me from having to accept other projects… it seems like everybody wants a free ride, and wants others to pay, but doesn’t want to take the first steps… :frowning:


So at the moment which SuiteCRM version are you working with in production env?


I am just finishing the preparation to upgrade to 7.12.5 from 7.10.24. My main issue of “taking it slow and easy” is because of the need to update my own PowerReplacer add-on to work with the PDF engine changes in 7.12.x.

I would recommend to most people that they use 7.12.5 if they don’t feel ready for 8.x.

Got it.


Hi @mariofucile
We use the following version:

Kind regards

Hi PowerQuest,

My concern in using the 7.12.5 version is about the support which “…will have a full 18 months of support following the release of SuiteCRM 8.0.” (fm Nov’21 ->May '23).


Hello @mariofucile
If you do not self host then you might have that issue. but if you do self host then you need to fix issues by yourself (or your IT guy), anyway.

We never had any major issues so far. (knock on wood) and we do self host our systems.

Version 8 on the other hand is not stable enough yet had have a lot of bugs that needs t be addressed before it could be considered production stable.

Kind regards

Hi PowerQuest,

I understand the point and I agree.
I am using an external shared webhost (chemicloud). Fm control panel->softaculus I can install just suitecrm 8.1 now. I think I could install the 7.12.5 version uploading the zip and so on or do you think there will be possible issues this way?


Hello. :smiley:

Do not use the softaculus installer @mariofucile because it makes some stupid things during install. in some case you get for example https://yourdomcom/suitecrm/ as your address which means that it is exposing the folder you have installed the system in. On top of that it isn’t always secure enough for production.
It is always best to install through the manual route. You can download it here to your computer: Download - SuiteCRM
That way you can secure your system accordingly and configure the correct URL address that you want to you.
Just follow the documentation on how to install SuiteCRM here:
Downloading & Installing :: SuiteCRM Documentation

check also my older post about hardening SuiteCRM here:

Good luck and have fun! :facepunch:

Kind regards

Hi PowerQuest,

Thanks a lot for your info/advice. I will try it.

Bye :wave:

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I understand that rollouts need to happen and 100% of bugs are never fixed. But, for a new v8 it should have the basics addressed: Upgrades should be scripted and tested. Themes should be tested and work. There are ways to do unit tests prior to release and, yes, that requires money and people. I would enjoy getting involved but v8 for me as a first crack at SuiteCRM is full of issues. I would rather had been told to start with v7 if that is going to help me though 2022. Or, a way to pay to get my v8 workable, updated, customized and themes that work. I’m a big fan of open source but it needs a large source of resources to fix things for people who can’t fix them themselves. I’m not seeing how to do that. Maybe hire a freelancer? Maybe makes those resources available somewhere. Anyway, thanks for all the input from everyone and all the contributions. I feel lost however and unable to make any progress.

Hello PowerQuest,

As stated before I am trying the 7.12.5 installation in my external webhost (chemicloud).
Downloaded zip file and unzipped, than did the three commands lines:
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .
sudo chmod -R 755 .
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload
everything seems fine but at the fourth this I got lost:

sudo chmod 775 config_override.php 2>/dev/null

Is the command right?


Why do you think the command is wrong? Did you get an error? You probably don’t have a config_override.php file yet, so that command won’t make any difference.

The chown is quite important, and it’s not always *www-data user that needs to be used. It depends on which user your web server process runs under, do you know?

Hello pgr,

Thanks for the fast reply.

I did not see any config_override.php file that’s why I asked…I did it anyway and obviously nothing happen, no errors.

Regarding the chown, did it the requested using my web server user which is not www-data.

Any other useful advice, before I proceed?


Move fast and break stuff! :muscle:

(with proper backups and VM snapshots of course :stuck_out_tongue: )