Problem to send a test Email [Performing Task - "One moment please..."]


I ask you for help, because I use “SuiteCRM” on a website hosted on OVH (using Plesk), and like i said on the subject,
i have a probleme with the Outgoing Mail configuration.
When i try to send a test email i have the following message :

[Performing Task - “One moment please…”]

But, the message stay on the screen and i never receive this email …

I’m pretty sure to have set right informations on the form :

  • “From” Address :
  • i have chosen “other” for “Choose your Email provider” (because we have our own Mail server)
  • SMTP Mail Serveur :
  • i have checked “Use SMTP Authentication”
  • SMTP Port : 465 and TLS

But we still have this problem.
(And with Plesk, i have no Shell to configure the SMPT server)

So please, someone can help me ?
Thank you for taking the time to read this message !


Your SuiteCRM version, please?

I can give you some troubleshooting ideas if you are a developer, are you? You don’t have to be an expert, you just need to go in some files and uncomment some lines of code.

Version 7.9.11

I am a student in development, not a true developer for the moment. But i think i can follow your instructions.
I can give you some error i saw on different log of the website if that can help you ?

Can you upgrade to the latest 7.9.17? The SMTP debugging code only came in on 7.9.15 if I’m not mistaken.

Yes, it’s done but i’m only in 7.9.15, it’s ok ?
And after that ?

Have a look at this send() function here

there are several commented lines there that you can use to troubleshoot. This will help you see what is actually being sent out to the SMTP server, edit those fields for tests, and get a full SMTP log.

It’s done and in the suitecrm.log i have :

Tue Jun 5 08:06:51 2018 [27849][1][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

You could uncomment the lines further below to get a full SMTP log where you can see exactly what your server is complaining about. However, I think your server isn’t complaining, I think it simply cannot be reached through the network.

I would make those messages FATAL instead of DEBUG, to make sure you see them easily in your log.

Look for DNS issues, firewall issues, try some pings, try reaching your SMTP server from the SuiteCRM server via Telnet.

Hello, thank you. I did resolve the problem but your reply was quite helpful.

@hassepedro can you please share how did you solve the problem? I am facing the same issue as you.