No Converting Targets to Leads option in Ver 8?

I noticed the thread here [Suitecrm 8] “convert target” missing?.

Is there a fix as yet, or a workaround?

I have been researching enabling a Classic view for the Targets module, however, it seems that Targets are new while previous versions of SuiteCRM used Prospect i.e. is there a Classic view for Targets?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, I have made some progress.

I located this post: SuiteCrm 8: problems with customizations - #12 by pstevens

Finally, I now have a “Convert Target” option under the Actions menu, however, it results in this error:

“You are not authorized to view this page. Please contact your system administrator.”

This error occurs even if I login as admin.

All other options on the page appear to work.

I have also: $ sudo systemctl restart apache2

What page is the error referring to?

suitecrm.log entries are:
Mon Jun 12 02:25:25 2023 [12411][7c998955-e340-4492-1d0a-648417b37319][FATAL] return_id not set
Mon Jun 12 02:25:25 2023 [12411][7c998955-e340-4492-1d0a-648417b37319][FATAL] return_module not set
Mon Jun 12 02:25:25 2023 [12411][7c998955-e340-4492-1d0a-648417b37319][FATAL] return_id not set
Mon Jun 12 02:25:25 2023 [12411][7c998955-e340-4492-1d0a-648417b37319][FATAL] return_module not set

Is that error a SuiteCRM error or an Apache error?

Also what is the URL that is not authorized?

I do not believe it is Apache, as the error is unique to this function page. Having said that, I spent some time trying to work out what page or module etc it was trying to load without much success. It appears that people using 8 are content to have a 2 step sales process i.e. simply Leads and Opportunities, personally I like at least 3 stages, ideally leads, prospects and opportunities. I am now setting up version 7 and will keep an eye on version 8 developments in this area. I also suspect that this situation represents and increasingly common scenario i.e. those developing the tech do not actually use it themselves i.e. how could target to lead conversion remain unaddressed for so long when it very clearly should be a top priority.