[Suitecrm 8] "convert target" missing?


I Just installed suitecrm8, i created a demo target, and am trying to convert the target to a lead, however the “covert target” in action is missing…

Am i doing something wrong? is this feature missing or is there a bug?

How to convert a target to a lead?

Hi @rasel,

Thank you for the feedback. Yes you’re correct we are missing convert target.
I’ve raised this internally.

Good afternoon @clemente.raposo

I hope you are doing well.

Thanks so much for your helpful reply to @rasel . I was going nuts trying to figure out if I coded something wrong while upgrating to version 8 .

This action “Convert to Lead” is key for our sales team as Targets cannot be placed as Leads and our process was built around the provious version converting targets to leads.

Do you have any status on this issue?

The new Frontend with Angular is clean and modern!
I’m crossing my fingers your team have good news.

Thanks so much.

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Hi @domiserver,

Sorry for the delay replying.

Just a heads up, we are on the holiday season and I may take a while to reply back.

I understand, that action hasn’t been re-implemented yet.

Could create an issue on SuiteCRM-Core project please?

Meanwhile you could try setting the module to use the classic view, which should render using the legacy view.

Would this help?

Hello, I have just installed SuiteCRM 8.1 an I have found the same bug. Any news about the solution?

Currently, I am running the SuiteCRM 8.1, and the action has the same status as @clemente.raposo mentioned last december 2021.

In the mean time, I start every sales process from the Potential Clients phase and I do not enter any Target data until the “Convert to Lead” action is re-implemented.

Thank you for your answer @domiserver . Do you mean you start with lead? Do you know if the bug has been officialy reported?

So is convert target to lead fixed or not?
How can we convert a target to lead in suitecrm8?

Hi @rasel

I installed version 8.1.3

I created a target, and under the Actions Menu, there is not a button for “Convert Target” into a Lead yet as in version 7. Currently it shows: Delete and Duplicate.

I hope this feature is added to the development pipeline.


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How can we go about setting the targets/targetlist in classic view inorder to convert targets to leads?

I’ve check the 8.2.1 online demo and still no “convert target” action available :frowning:

were you able to figure this out? this seems like a major issue

how to get to classic view

how we will change login classic view with this ?

Comment your need to have this bug fixed on the issue.

Hi everyone, i’d like to share my expirience about what i’m doing to convert targets to lead, or any convertion process.
I’m using workflows to convert any information, maybe it could solve your issue, for example, when i need to convert a target to a opportunity, i use a process that identifies some status field commonly defined as a trigger, so i build actions and/or relationships to create, modify or erase records, that way i allow my CRM to work in any type of flow, even the modules doesn’t have a correct function or relationship between each other.

Hope that helps! Thanks.