Line Items in Studio

why is Line Items module present in Studio?

What can i affect editing the views there?

I’m trying to add 3 discount fields in the line iteam; is it possible to do it through study?
How come all the changes I make to this field in the studio aren’t applied to CRM?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to modify all views from Studio. Yes, you can add new fields to the modules and you can interact with them via Worflows and Logichooks but is not too simple to add them to the edit view.

Also line items is a module in it self (AOS_Products_Quotes) now it interact with the other modules via module AOS_Line_Item_Groups, represented as Groups on the invoice/quote view.

So… in order to modify line of items and to effectively see the changes in your module, you need to manually modify multiple modules.



Thanks for the answer Broz.

What are the modules to be modified precisely? AOS_Products_Quotes eAOS_Line_Item_Group?

But is it possible that nobody has had the need to insert more discounts that add up in the estimates? It seems too strange to me!

I’m curious: Why do you need multiple discount fields?

I have a representative agency and my principals apply multiple discounts depending on the customer and / or product.

I know well that I could get the multiplier but while you are out and about it is faster to directly enter the three discounts.

Depending on what final module you want to see with the changes, you’ll need to modify AOS_Products_Quotes, AOS_Line_Item_Group and the module you want to display the changes to.

Check here for more info:


Are the discounts your folks give always the same (either same percentages or same fixed values), or do they vary by product, agent and/or client? I’m wondering if it would be easier to add some JS to the UI so that the user could just select applicable discounts from e.g. a multiselect field, with a click of a button or by checkboxes and automatically calculate the single discount field’s value based on the given set of different discounts.

Thanks for your interest, very kind.

Unfortunately, the discounts are not always the same and change from negotiation to negotiation. It is also capable that an extra discount will be granted at the end of work.

It would be useful to have 3 boxes available where to insert the various multipliers.

I tried to get my brother to do it and he succeeded in the edit view but then the data is not saved and consequently they are not shown in the detail view nor can they be recalled.

Is it possible that in addition to the two files it is also necessary to modify the DB?

Again. Just a reminder that you are interacting more than one module. For that your either modify the core of the module, use Worflows or Logic hooks to save data in all modules. BTW all your custom fields need to be created on all modules that are part of the process. Including AOS_Products_Quotes, AOS_Line_Item_Group and Quotes, Contracts… Or other module you use to call line items.