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End of support for Basic Authentication access to Exchange Online API’s for Office 365 customers

HI Team/@pgr ,

Microsoft is phasing out the login method in favour of oauth2 based auth for IMAP/POP connections in October of this year.Here’s the reference link below.

So the way we setup inbound emails/personal emails/bounce handling emails would change.
Does suitecrm will support that ? Kindly suggest.

Thank you.

I think the same thing will be happening for Gmail also, quite soon.

Try looking on Github for the correspondent issue regarding Gmail. There is some activity there. I think this is in the roadmap (has to be, really - we can’t lose Gmail and Exchange compatibility…).

Thank you for letting know @pgr

Hi there, I’m curious about the current status of development on this.
Is there a solution jet?

We are going to have a massive problem because at least one of our customers will be using the new exchange online api soon.

Maybe someone could point me into the right direction where I could find more information.
Best regards,

It is already built in to Suite * and works nicely.
See the OAuth sections under Admin.

It’s been in since at least 7.10

I use it on 7.11.21

7.12 fixes a bug with it when using PHP8

@DJuser how can we use the OAUTH sections to setup inbound M365 email accounts to use modern authentication protocol (based on OAUTH2) instead of standard IMAP basic authentication. I can see this is supported as SugarCRM Microsoft connector on SugarCRM, does SuiteCRM have something similar?

The OAuth sections are in admin:

  • OAuth Keys
  • OAuth2 Clients and Tokens

Can you talk us through, how you configured the settings there - and where did you see a problem (show screenshots of your problem).

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Hi @DJuser ,
thank you for your feedback. I am aware of these sections in Administration part of CRM, but I think these 2 sections are used to setup OAuth for API exposed from SuiteCRM (incoming requests direction). If you want some client to be able to connect to SuiteCRM API you are setting OAuth options in this administration section.

What I am trying to do is setup all inbound email accounts to connect to Microsoft 365 using OAuth2 authentication, instead of standard IMAP basic authentication.

When looking at at available inbound email configuration options, we have following:


There is no option to enter the M365 authentication server endpoint or anything related to OAuth authentication for inbound emails. I can see Sugar has a Microsoft connector available, is something like this available as a plugin or a native SuiteCRM functionality:

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I am also facing this problem, how to be able to set up outgoing and incoming emails with office365, instead of the current SMTP with the new OAuth connection method.
It seems to me that in Sugar there is a possibility.
Will it be implemented soon in SuiteCRM as well?

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