Modern authentication for Exchange Online

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Anyone have the idea or guideline to configure the modern authentication for EXO in suiteCRM?

Last week I found that the IMAP services is drop down between local.suiteCRM and EXO. We through the test link to find the root cause. MS disabled the basic authentication in EXO suddenly. Finally, fixed the problem and continue the use IMAP.

The bad news is the basic authentication will obsolete on 1 Oct 2022 from Microsoft and force to use the Modern authentication for EXO in the future, Microsoft CS said. It means that all IMAP, SMTP, POP services cannot direct configure in suiteCRM.

Find the relative reference to talk about the similar topic but have not the conclusion.

  • SuiteCRM Version 7.11.22
  • Windows Platform + XAMPP to operate

Link for testing of IMAP :

this is a major issue and prevents any use of suitecrm if this can’t be fixed. is there an update? this should be a major focus i think

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+1 on this comment.

Can we contribute to this solution - or is it currently being addressed?


As I know, not yet. Another post are discussing the relative topic, take a look for this.

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Hi Yekcid, did you find any solution for this?


We have answered this query under another thread and will close this topic for now.