Edit View Layouts not being deployed after customising in Studio (Opportunities)

Having trouble with some customised layouts for the Edit View, particularly in the Opportunities module

Had started using a Bitnami VM of 8.2.1 on Debian 11, am able to create new fields and add to the layouts via Studio, Save & Deploy tells me it’s doing it’s thing and I can see the editviewdefs files in /custom reflect the changes (and Studio remembers what/where my fields are if I go back and edit the layout again) but the updated layouts aren’t reflected in the Opportunities Edit/Create view

Had originally thought it may be a permissions issue but checked that all seems ok. Trialling the layouts some modules or views seem to work; for instance the List View for Opportunities reflects changes in Studio but the Edit View doesn’t, and Accounts and Contacts seem to reflect Edit view changes

In case it was a Bitnami config issue I spun up a Ubuntu Server 22.01 VM and installed 8.2.2 - unfortunately I’m running into the same issue here though where the custom views aren’t deploying/recognized, with a weird quirk… once i have messed around changing a few other views in Accounts/Contacts/Etc (in modules where the views do update) and added some records, suddenly the new custom view seems to take affect in Opportunities

Not sure where to look or what to check now to see why the custom views aren’t taking affect when deployed. Is this a known issue with v8 or SuiteCRM in general, didn’t seem to be a lot of posts with a similar issue.

For us we use quite a few custom fields that need to be filled on creation. I’m currently trying to build a fresh v8 to migrate to from and older v7 but this is deal-breaker if it can’t be sorted

Ok to add to this, for the opportunities module the Edit view does change when I edit the Detail view in Studio, and the layout follows the Detail layout ignoring changes made to the editviewdefs file.

I noticed that the url for the editview in v8 is as follows:


and in the older v7 instance it is:


If i change the v8 address to:


then the custom layout for Edit view shows correctly, but in a format that looks closer to the v7 theme than the new v8 theme

Studio showing some obvious layout changes to Edit View

Studio showing the layout changes in Detail View

Default Edit View, showing the layout inherited from the Detail View

Edit View if I change the url to “editview”, showing the custom layout correctly

What is going on…?

I don’t know exactly “what is going on”, but I have a bit of information that might help guide your research into the issue.

SuiteCRM v8 shows some modules in “legacy view”, others in the new Angular UI. This is configurable. You can see which one you’re getting by just paying attention to the graphics, they’re different.

The new view doesn’t have Edit views and Detail views. It has a single view for both purposes, called “Record view”. But I don’t know how the Studio views map to these. I wouldn’t be surprised if the stuff used from Studio was only one of the two views (Edit/Detail), the other one being completely ignored.

Thanks @pgr - ever the wealth of info

If that’s the case, is there any way then you are aware of to have fields shown in the Detail view that are hidden in the Edit view? For instance we have an auto-generated field in Opportunities, Documents, ect that creates a record number for referencing in our ERP/QMS.

This field needs to be hidden when creating a record so that a manual entry can’t happen to override the sequential, year-referenced number generated when the record is saved

Right ok - think I’m on the right path now. Looks like I should be able to set the necessary modules to ‘legacy view’ as you’ve mentioned and then customise the view and edit screens separately. This looks helpful


It seems like an odd choice to have the new UI limited in this way, we have a lot of modules where the edit/create view is different from the detail view, but maybe we’re in the minority

In the new UI there are two possible ways to do this

  1. one is to keep the field read-only. The way to do this is shown in accounts detailviewdefs.php
    Look at the end of the file for date_entered and date_modified. Even if you edit an Account record these fields remain readonly.
  2. to hide the fields in during edit. Some documentation of how to do this is given in the link
    Adding Custom Field Logic :: SuiteCRM Documentation
    The trick is to keep a always true condition in editview
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