WorkFlow: Adding Leads to Target List

I have a Workflow created that’s working pretty well: it sends an email, creates a reminder to follow up, etc. The one thing it’s not doing is adding the lead to a target list. I’ve created the target list already and manually added some leads to it.

I have it set at
Create Record
Record Type: Leads
Relationship: Target - Lists: Prospect List->Value->TargetList

But it’s not adding anything to the target list

I’ve tried using “Modify Record” instead of “Create Record”, but no joy.

I think I’m missing a step somewhere

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I have it set on “new recods” and “only on save” as this is supposed to happen when the lead is first created

I am following this topic, because I am also very interested in it, Workflow automatically adds emails and loads into a target list ,I am trying to find a support on the Suitecrm forum and support sugarcrm.

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Following, I did have this working in the past, I’ll see if I can find what I did in the past.

OK just tried it and it works.

The trick is “modify record” I think. Also you can’t do it on save for new records. Won’t work. Since the record is not created yet “on save” it can’t create a relationship. I’ve run into this before. You have to do it in scheduler by some other key like “lead status = new” or something and just run once per record.


Ah - that’s what must be it. It’s a step that happens on the creation of a lead.

How do you run it once per record?

Just make sure “repeated runs” is unselected.

@pstevens Thank you, that’s wonder, I forgot the “ADD RELATIONSHIP” function, thanks for the great suggestion, and I succeeded Add Lead to Target_list, which is interesting to follow.

Still not working.

I’ve assigned the target list to myself, made it unassigned, still no joy.

In the process Audit, it shows that the workflow did process the new lead, but it just doesn’t show up in the target list.

I have the workflow running as a separate flow after the lead is created (that workflow works as it sends an email and creates a call reminder, etc).

I’ve attached screenshots if that is of any help

(looks like the Add File button is broken - Google Chrome & Safari

what are your workflow settings. Just type them since you can’t attach images and I’ll have a look.

I tried it and it definitely works.

Key is modify record, Run on all records, run in scheduler.
Relate to: target list.

It will not run on Save, since on save, there is no record created yet to relate it to.

Ok Here is the info

  • Name: Leads to Target list
  • Assigned to: Me
  • WorkFlow Module: Leads
  • Status: Active
  • Run: Always
  • Run On: All Records
  • Repeated Runs: (unchecked)


  • Leads -> Lead Source -> Equal to-> Value ->Guest
  • Leads-> Status -> Equal to->Value->New


  • Select Action: Modify Record
  • Record Type:* Leads
  • RelationshipTargets-Lists : Prospect List ->Value->TargetListName

I can confirm that those are my exact settings and it works.

Just checking but for sure, are there records that meet your conditions?

Also if you ran it once, and it wasn’t right, it won’t run again on the same records. For the purpose of testing maybe check “repeated runs” and see if it runs. You can always uncheck it when you’re satisfied it works.


We’re on Version 7.11.8

Some more movent on this.
I did the usual chmod thing and logged in as an administrator and added a lead.
Logged in as a user, added a lead, and no go.
The Workflow and Target list is not assigned to anyone.
So it works under Admin, not as a plain user.

@philemery it work only within Admin, Maybe Limited operation for the user by ROLE and with note to User : “You do not have access to this area. Contact your site administrator to obtain access.” , can edit for each User by “List Roles By User” function

Changed the non-admin user to admin, logged out and logged back in as the user.

The target list didn’t update.

Try some role repairs and other repairs.

I can’t see how this would be a problem especially if you’re running it via scheduler and not on save. The user should be irrelevant.