What does "Suppressed by address or domain" mean after sending out a newsletter?

We’ve just sent out another newsletter. We got more than 1000 addresses in the target list. 5 are in the unsubscribe list. All fine.
Now what I see is a lot of 'Suppressed by address or domain" in the status panel. What does this mean? There are many, about 80 % all of them having different domains.

Thanks for your help!

I don’t really know, but I think I read sometime that can be caused by trying to re-use a campaign. If an address has already been sent in a campaign, it is suppressed to avoid sending duplicates.

Make sure you create a different “marketing id” (or “marketing record”) when re-sending a campaign, that might solve it.

“Suppressed by domain” seems to indicate some domains are marked to be excluded from campaign; I’m not sure. But if you had done that, you would know it, so the email duplication is probably the cause.

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Thanks for your answer. Indeed, Creating a new campaign did help in that matter. It seems not to be wise, to re use an existing campaign.

This concept of “marketing record” is there just for this purpose, to repeat Campaigns but making it a new sending. The typical example is a Newsletter - it’s the same campaign, same targets, same everything, except you send a different one every month, or every week.

I had this question a while ago:

But this could be made a lot more obvious…

Found this in a search for the error message “suppressed by address or domain”. New to SuiteCRM and wondering if this is a legacy issue that has an easy solution.

I cannot get test emails to send. They keep ending up in the suppressed column. I’ve tried duplicating the campaign and resending it. I’ve also tried changing email addresses and contact names. Nothing seems to work.

Is there a trick to resetting the campaign so it will allow sending multiple tests before the actual deployment?


Version 7.11.18
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

  • Debian 10 Server