Almost all my campaign emails was not sent.. 😭

Setup my first email campaign and ran it. Nearly all emails was not sent about 900 was “Suppressed by address or domain” and I have no clue why the system did that.
I’m fricking depressed now… I been working for a long time with this campaign and now it sort of fails which is really frustrating.

All the email prospects are totally new and freshly loaded into the system.

i found this older thread:

But that is not the case as they never been emailed to before.

What can be done here so the emails are sent out?

Thanks a bunch in advance
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It’s better to do smaller tests, just a handful of emails, until you get the hang of it.

Keep an eye in the database, tables email_queue and campaign_log, this will help you figure out what is going on.

About your specific issue, if your logs are full of WARN messages saying Email Address was sent due to not being confirm opt in, well, that’s one of the possible reasons.

Hi @pgr and thanks for your reply.

I checked the logs in the root (error and sugarlog), and i cannot find one single instance of that sentence “Email Address was sent due to not being confirm opt in”

I cannot find a `email_queue in the mariaDB, but i could find the campaign_log and most of the leads has the tag “blocked”.

Not sure why and how to solve this. :thinking:

Maybe it would help if I manually opted-in all new leads to guarantee delivery by the SuiteCRM system which we loaded into the system, (they will opt out anyway if they don’t want communication from us)?

Should I delete the first email campaign and set up a new one with the 900ish leads that didn’t send?

How can I get the rest of the 900 lead batch sent?

Thanks a bunch in advance for your kind help. :heart: :facepunch:

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What is the type of the target list used in your campaign ? Is it seed or default ?

Hi @blqt

I used “Default” as per recommendation in the SuiteCRM documentation and this Youtube video (Thanks for making it @pstevens :smiley: ):

The video starts where Paul explains how to configure the target list…

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My mistake… the queue table is called email_marketing.

What is your log level in Admin / System settings? Make sure it includes WARN

I still think your problem is with the Confirm-opt-in mechanism. The email_addresses table contains the opt-in information.

Note that there are legal requirements about that opt-in stuff… make sure you have those covered (even if manually, outside SuiteCRM) before you edit the database to say they have opted-in.

Thanks @pgr

I’ll check further to see if I can find anything notable. Is there anything specific that I should look for/be aware of?

Currently set to fatal. I have now changed it to WARN.

Ok ; take a look at it there too, thanks.

True, but I’m just thinking in terms of forcing the emails to be sent out for this time. I really need to get it done…
I can just manually change it back after it has been done. In that case we should not be in any trouble. Some/many will opt-out also by themselves, (at least in theory).

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Hi @pgr :smiley:

I cannot seem find anything strange there that stands out.
It is just basically just the two campaigns I setup. The information looks pretty much the same as the information I entered into the campaign module. I setup up two campaigns; one for lead and one for contracts because of the issue with the universal short code for leads/targets/contacts doesn´t work and is bugged, (as I posted in an earlier thread about).

As for this table I cannot see anything strange either.
Most e-mail addresses does not have a opt-in or opt-out in them “no-opt-in” tag in the database which is pretty natural for newly imported lead lists which you have purchased for a firm like Dun & Bradstreet or whatever…

A few of them have opt-in or opt-out but that is older leads that we are already working on.

I must admit that I am still scratching my head really hard. :thinking:

it should not be that a system prevents you from sending out marketing emails to new prospects that yo never mailed before. I could understand if there was some function that prevented people from abusing the system by sending the same email (aka spam then) over and over again to same people. But that is not the case here. It is freshly imported, never contacted prospects. So I don’t fully understand why the system block them for me to be sent out.

Should I delete all the campaigns and start over do you think?
Would that make any difference do you think?

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This isn’t a bug, it’s a feature… :slight_smile:

SuiteCRM is really not supposed to send email without proper opt-in status. At least for those of us in the European Union (GDPR), that is a must. And similar laws exist in other places.

If you have any other way of deeming this correct, because whoever sold you the list guarantees that opt-in status, then feel free to edit the opt-in fields in the database. There’s probably also some master-switch to turn off opt-in checks somewhere, but I don’t know and can’t check right now. Try reading the Docs on this.

Hi agian @pgr and yet again thanks for your reply. :wink:

Well I don’t send any email newsletters and stuff like that.
This just for pure marketing which is allowed as long as you send marketing information that is relevant to the business you contact.

I don’t intend to use news mails either. I sort of don’t like them myself. There is thousands of them and most people do not have time to read them anyways. :upside_down_face:

Right so the whole issue derives from that users are not opted-in, right?

So that is the feature which will result in “Suppressed by address or domain”?

So you can never send a email to a company through the campaign unless they have the “opt-in” box ticked off or the mails outbound will be blocked just like it happened for me?

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There are various options for outbound email campaigns options. Couple things to note email campaigns adhere to the opt in opt out designation. Newsletter campaigns do not and will not supress people who have opted out (I haven’t actually tried this but that’s what the docs say).

Also, there are various opt in options to set in admin/email settings. You can “disable” optins if you like and no emails will be suppressed except those on the suppression list.

OR you can mass update everyone and opt them in if you’re not strict about opt ins. If you’re uploading lots of people that you “assume” have opted in, or don’t care about if they actually opted in, you can set opt in to “checked”. That way they will get emails unless they opt out specifically.

Oh cool, thanks a lot for the tip @pstevens :facepunch:

Well I’m not.
Being a sales and marketing agency, we just send out a marketing email and then we call them after the campaign have been sent out. After that we do not really send more to them unless they request it during a sales phone call. E.g. “Please me send info PDF xyz
If they show no interest we just mark them as dead leads and don’t contact them again.

So it is basically what you call “Account Based Marketing” that we do for ourselves to find more customers that might have some marketing or sales project they want to start up.

Thanks again guys.
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