Ways to call processes

hi everyone, earlier this week i managed to get this backend process running thanks to the help of @clemente.raposo in this thread. We are now running 8.4.0 and I would like to know what are other way to call processes besides the fields like the CaseCalculatePriority, because the messages rendered in real time at the end of the run function are very useful. For instance, is there any way to connect this and a logic hook ? I’m guessing probably not but I just wanted confirmation from the team. If any other way exists, I would like to try it, given how nicely they work once you get the hang of it. Thank you for your attention.

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Hi @AlexisTMyddleware,

On 8.4.0 processes are used in several places. It is the standard way to call the backend for an action (one that is not a get/create/update of a record)

We plan to add more as we go along.

The Statistics API (where we get the value you see on some of the insights) works in a very similar way.

More documentation on this will be added as we go along.

Hope this helps.

PS: I may not be able to reply back