Process initialized but not ran

Hello everyone. I followed the documentation in hopes of implementing a process.

I’m on suitecrm 8.3.1, upgraded from suitecrm 7. the logic fields work fine, i tested the documentation to add a required logic field

i have created this


using the documentation for process handler, and i redeclared the field priority in the file

when i step into the debugger, i can see that my process is detected because when I go in the detail view of a record, its steps through the constructor as well as the getProcessType(). However, the function run() is supposed to get called at some point i presume, but never does. and i don’t see any calls to my process in the network section of the firefox devtools.

i’m on windows 11 with a local setup using laragon and apache. The other features of suitecrm 8 work fine. I cleared the cache, and did a quick rebuild in the admin section. Am i missing a step in order for the process to work ?

Hi @AlexisTMyddleware ,

That logic is only available from 8.4.0 on wards. the following are the ones that have been added on that 8.4.0:

I’ll update the documentation to highlight that it is only available from 8.4.0

Hi @clemente.raposo, thank you for your quick reply.

Since the backend calculation (found here, is only available in 8.4.0 as you mentionned, what kind of simple logic would you recommend instead to test a process handler in 8.3.1 ?

EDIT, nevermind, we have decided to upgrade to 3.4.0, I will let you know when i’m able to retest the process.

Hey @clemente.raposo we upgraded to 8.4.0 and now it works, thank you again.

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