Uncaught ReferenceError: tinyMCE is not defined

I am getting this error while editing the Email - Template in the TinyMCE editor. There is an error in the console. I already try many things but no success.

Please help urgently

jquery.mozaik.js:387 Uncaught ReferenceError: tinyMCE is not defined
at String. (jquery.mozaik.js:387)
at Function.each (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=dRnvAfgfj9GSMz9VYNLQTg:2)
at addEditorListElement (jquery.mozaik.js:382)
at insertTemplateSection (jquery.mozaik.js:306)
at HTMLLIElement. (jquery.mozaik.js:366)
at HTMLLIElement.dispatch (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=dRnvAfgfj9GSMz9VYNLQTg:3)
at HTMLLIElement.q.handle (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=dRnvAfgfj9GSMz9VYNLQTg:3)

are you having additional problems related to js files? It seems like the proper permissions/ownerships might me missing.


What version of SuiteCRM do you use?
One of version did have problem with file .htaccess.


@diligent = Yes there are issues regarding the 403 error. I have checked the permissions are all set. What would be ideal permission for folders…

@p.konetskiy = I am using

Maybe this is your problem:

there are also links there to other related issues.

Thanks. Will check this…