Composer autoloader not found. please run "composer install"(version - 7.11.15)

When I try and run URL in the browser ( give me following error.
{ Composer autoloader not found. please run “composer install” }

I am using version - 7.11.15.

I have gone through some links but I didn’t clear at all. Do I need a command line to run some commands? I have only FTP access.

Need urgent help.

Where did you get SuiteCRM from? Did you download the Release zip? Or are you deploying from git, for example?

I have downloaded it from
{ }

But is there any other authenticated source?

Please need urgent help on this issue… I am not able to go further.


That’s the source. Maybe you can use 7.11.18, which is the latest?

I don’t think that error is your actual problem. The zip includes the vendor directory so you shouldn’t have to worry about composer.

Maybe you have other errors? It’s probably the typical ownerships/permissions issues, SuiteCRM can’t read and write the files it needs.


Actually I have already installed 7.11.18 version on my another server folder. which also has errors
(Uncaught ReferenceError: tinyMCE is not defined)
so I have decided to hit a try on lower stable version which 7.11.15
But unfortunately, this version also giving me error.
Tell me what to do…

I would recommend going with 7.11.18 and using this simple fix for the TinyMCE issue:

that will be in 7.11.19 when it comes out.

I’ve just updated from 7.11.15 to 7.11.19 and have this problem now , Email compose body not wysywig in certain cases in 7.11.18
I’ve been trying to fix it but found out that the codes were already implemented in 7.11.19 Is there a way that I can fix it?