Unable to add Case Updates via Cases -- Edit View


On a clean installation of 7.11.3 I am unable to add new Case Updates via the Edit View window - this is the window that offers the TinyMCE editor. Attachments are however added. Adding updates via the Detail View works fine

On an upgraded 7.11.3 DEV copy of my live system (itself upgraded system from 7.0 up through the ages to 7.9.4) it does however partially work, though in this case it only stores the first paragraph

This is also seen on SuiteCRMs demo system (demo.suiteondemand.com)

Steps to replicate

  1. On a clean installation, or the SuiteCRM demo environment, open an existing case (to go into Detail View)
  2. Click on Actions - Edit (to go into the Edit View)
  3. Add a case update into the field “Update - Text” which should have the TinyMCE editor for entry
  4. Click on SAVE
  5. Under Case Updates - Case Updates Threaded, the update should be seen but is not. Additionally nothing has been added to the database

Any thoughts how to rectify this.


I saw a discussion about this recently


Maybe there are some clues there that you can try?

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@pgr - Thanks for this information - it is exactly the problem

I found the thread you mentioned after posting, and I have also contributed to that. It seems there is a bug in that blank information is being passed as the Case Update_text. The workaround suggests that the problem may be because the page is trying to use two instances of the TinyMCE HTML editor, and causing confusion.

So my workaround, as detailed in the thread is to simply stop that page from using the HTML editor for the description - in my case I did this by adding a line to my customisatons file for Cases (custom/Extension/modules/Cases/Ext/Vardef/customisations.php)


Appreciate your help, and if other people see this suggest they also see the thread kindly linked by @pgr above.

Regards, Dominic