Trying to get Vue3 + Vite running (Custom JS)

Hi everyone,
like the title says, me an my colleagues currently try to get Vite and Vue3 running in our SuiteCRM instance.
Unfortunately we were facing serveral problems that we currently do not know how to solve properly.

The most blocking one is, that if we have a <script> Tag within our body, it is parsed by vendor JS sugar_grp1.js and gets loaded and executed by it.
This leads into the issue, that our Vite bundled code cannot be executed, since dynamic imports are not allowed in that context.

If we move this JS chunk from the body to the head section in include/MVC/View/SugarView.php and attach the Vue binding to a custom Event that is fired, when the DOM got parsed to the div that Vue should bind to, everything “works” like expected. But like my description already suggests - this is a very bad and hacky “solution” that we really want to clean up.

So long story short, are there any suggestions how to go a better way?

It might be possible if someone is able to do it, but my hunch is that this will never have a chance to work. SuiteCRM is a complex application and you can’t just put a JS framework into it without expecting all kinds of problems. You’re trying to mix two complex systems that weren’t meant to work alongside…

And consider if it is really worth the effort - since SuiteCRM v8 is the future and it already uses a JS framework, and it’s a different one (Angular)

You could contact these developers

Thanks for your answers.
I think I will have a try to contact one of the DaVue Theme devs and see if they can help us out.

We know that there is v8 and this is the future, but in our currrent situation with all that customizing made,
it is not that easy to migrate unfortunately.

After some further research I found out, that disabling ajax for the modules that we use vue in, solves the issues.

So is there a way to exclude specific <script> Tags from ajax loading?