Translation packs for 7.2.2 need revisions before publishing

I plan to release 34 language packs for SuiteCRm 7.2.2 before 25 May 2015
Please go to Transifex and revise your translation now. Nexte release will be On june, 1st.
suiteCRM localization -

Note: you can install the language pack for 7.2.1 available at

Then look for those things you need to translate or just revise and change it at Transifex project.

Do you know you can translate any word from any file without having to open each file?
Go to Transifex (and join your language)
1- hit translate (top green button)

2- pick your language,

3- select “ALL resources”

4- Now you can filter by any word from all 13500 strings so you will find things to translate or the ones that requires consistence (you can filter by original word or by translated word and many other options.

Languages for SuiteCRM 7.3 Beta 3 are updated for community translation project using Transifex platform.

Please revise your language so new language packs could include those lines.
New language packs will be published in 24 hours.

Enter here for latest revisions:

Some stats on the translation project:
46 languages are translating 13600 strings.

  • 100 % = 2
  • 90% range = 10
  • 80% range = 8
  • 70% range = 8
  • 60% range = 4
  • 50% range = 4

Note that to be a 30% done language it requires to have more then 4000 strings translated, so those are massive numbers

For those involved in languages not so high on stats, keep on translating and invite more people.
Numbers will grow as Transifex helps for duplicated words to be translated just one time!

Language packs for SuiteCRM 7.3 are ready to download (40 languages!)

  • Software version: v7.3
  • Translation version: v1 for v7.3.0
  • Date: 14/08/2015


  • Download
  • Enter SuiteCRM Admin
  • Go to: Module Loader / Upload + install language
  • Go to Admin / Repair / Quick repair and Rebuild
  • Logout /
  • Login with your language!

To make translations improvements edit the translations online here:


  • Next language packs release is planned to 3rd of September
  • I’m on summer holidays from now until the end of this month B)

Great work, and keep it up. We will be looking at ways to resolve language issues and enhance the translation capabilities for SuiteCRM.

Language files updated to SuiteCRM v7.4 beta (backward compatible to v. 7.3)
Enter here and help to translate your language (its free):

Language packs for SuiteCRM v7.4 (48 languages) will be created later!


Hope you can do that… but it know it will take you too many hours to make SuiteCRM translators friendly (at least all language files with same codding style!!)
Think on a version for language cleanups!

Note: its time to place a link to Transifex translations on your site so people join in and help translate / find translations for their languages!

Language files updated to SuiteCRM v7.4 beta2

Please help translating 10 lines now!!
All you need to translate its a browser. Enter here to translate:


I am interested in helping with the translation to German, but I cannot figure out how to do it. I registered on the Transfix web site. But what then? Do I have to join an organization? If yes, how do I do that? If I click on “Join organization”, I only get the project list. If I click on the SuiteCRM project and then on the “Help translate …” button, I get back to the login screen.

Thanks in advance for your help!



It worked after all! I guess you just have to wait a few minutes after registration and I was too impatient. :slight_smile:

After registration => confirm your email registered.
Then visit a project, choose language team and hit “help translate”

Please what… you have to be approved as a translator by one of the administrators or by your language team coordinator!

Hit: edit your profile and list your country and the languages you are able to translate

Languages files updated to SuiteCRm 7.4 RC
Update your translations here:

Language packs for SuiteCRM 7.4.0 can be downloaded here:
(created today from Transifex)


  • Software version: v7.4.0
  • Translation version: v1
  • Date: 04/11/2015

Note: language packs works for 7.3 versions too!

Improve translations:
Packs was created from Transifex project
Next full update is planned to November 23rd


If you really,really want to create a language pack, see my tutorials:
Creating a language pack - TranslatingSuiteCRM -

Language files updated

  • Software version: v7.4.0
  • Translation version: v2
  • Date: 06/11/2015

v7.4.0.1 languages has a parsing error on file include/language/xx_XX.lang.php


Any information when next update of translations will be published? 23rd of November has gone already.

True… but a pack was posted some days before the first message so the deadline was also posted.
Hope a new pack will be posted by December 1.

You can keep on translating your language and invite more translators.
Finnish (Finland) is only 69% done

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Continuing translating is not a problem, but on some terms it would make easier to see where that translation was used to determine is the translation correct or should I use other words.



Translations for download here:

New and revised language packs for SuiteCRM 7.4.3 are ready to download:


  • Software version: v7.4.3
  • Translation version: v2
  • Date: 08/12/2015

Updating an installed language -
Install a new language -

Language packs for SuiteCRM 7.5.0 can be downloaded here:


  • Software version: v7.5.0
  • Translation version: v2
  • Date: 24 Jan. 2016

To download:
1- Choose a language

2- Download ZIP (ready to install)


language packs for SuiteCRM 7.5.2 version already available in

Note: you need to choose a language first and then hit the download button to get language packs ready to install !