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Thunderbird email client plug in - interested parties?


Due to the lack of a working plug in for Thunderbird, I have been looking over the idea of getting one developped.

The old Opacus one worked very well, but it is not longer being developed, and it broken on newer versions of Thunderbird.

Please express your interest by commenting here with you interest, and what features besides basic archiving of emails would be of interest.

Then, please contact me by messaging me here in the forums.

The idea would be to build it in steps.

1 - archive emails (inbound and outbound)
2 - ability to create leads, contacts and accounts
3 - ability to create calls, meetings, etc…
4 - Synchronize address books?

Besides the first one there is no particular order that they need to be done it. this can be decided.

You have other things that could be done with the plug in?

Thanks for your feedback.


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Hi Joe - some of my staff use Thunderbird so we have interest.

What do the Thunderbird forums say - is it getting easier or harder to write plugins (like on browsers, that has become more tricky/restrictive over time).

Regards budget - have you past experience of costs to have someone build custom plugins for Thunderbird?

I would guess there is > $1-3 K costs to do this. (blind guess!)
We have 2 users on Suite + Thunderbird.
Ideally someone with 10 -100 users in that niche would get the most benefit and be happy to stump up the most?

What is your budget?

HI again

Thanks for jumping in.

This is the first time trying to build a plug in for thunderbird. Never had a need before.

I have looked for a couple of months now but never had any success. But, I recently found some one who seems to have the skills to hover between the suitecrm world and the thunderbird world.

I would have preferred using the opacus plug in, but not sure if there are going to ever come out of hibernation, or if it is dead. I used it until one day I renewed my license, and their site never gave me my code to make it work. After more than a year, I gave up pursuing it, and with out Thunderbird, email is painful in SuiteCRM.

I decided to give it anothr shot, and have been preparing SuiteCRM. Now, I want a plug in.

The idea is to:
1 - build a basic plug in to allow archiving incoming and outgoing email. This is really the MAIN reason I use the plug in. The other features were really nice, but for me, even if all the extra cool things were not there, I’d not use the plug in if the archicving was not there.

That would be step one.

Other steps would add features that used to exist in the paid version of Opacus. This depends on my budget, and also interest of other people.

The question is: How do i finance this venture? It needs to be created, and then maintained as SuiteCRM and TBird get newer versions.

Do we just give it away to every one? But then, how would we finance it if it was free? I am no programmer, so it needs a paid programmer to do it, and one that will be available to help us maintain it.

Budget? Good question? The person to whom I have been exchanging has only been about the first step.

Hopefully others will jump in and join the discussion.

Are people ready to pay for a working plug in, that is being maintained? We’d need to cover the costs of organizing it all, and programming it.

Can you expand on (1): archiving from where to where? Maybe I’m missing something, but an IMAP tool can easily archive 100% of any IMAPmailbox: standalone, outside of SuiteCRM?

What are the nice other features?

Are people ready to pay for a working plug in…

I’d pay say $200 per annum; for my situation of 2 staff with Thunderbird.
What’s your budget?


When I say archive, I mean: copy email from Thunderbird to SuiteCRM.

The other features in the old plug in were:
+Synchronize leads, contacts and/or accounts between SuiteCRM and Thunderbird

  • Manually archive multiple Thunderbird emails to Sugar records at once
  • Create new SugarCRM objects(leads, contacts, account, calls, meetings, etc…) from within Thunderbird
  • Synchronise your SugarCRM contacts and leads with Thunderbird
  • Automatically archive inbound and outbound mail

If you have other ideas, I am open to them.

But, the first function for me of the plug in is to archive/copy emails from Thunderbird to SuiteCRM. Other features can follow.

As for budget, it depends on how many others might be interested. I’d prefer not spend more that $100 per year. But, regardless if it gets developed past archiving/copying emails to SuiteCRM form Thunderbird, I want to get this basic function working. The rest, time will tell.

The other question is if we share to with others who contribute, how do we keep it from being distributed far and wide to whose who will not contribute, making it more difficult pay for upgrades as Thunderbird and SuiteCRM come out with newer, possibly incompatible versions. Something to consider.