The problem Add Tap, Add Dashlets on Suitecrm 7.1

Hi there,
When I conducted tap add, add dashlets but still does not appear on my home page. Is this system error?
How to solve this problem how?

I’ve also had this problem, particularly with adding new tabs to the dashboard…

Hi guys,

Please check your permissions. Also navigate to Admin -> Repair and perform a Quick Repair & Rebuild and clear your browser cache. Navigate to the homepage and inspect the element of the page and refresh. Do you get any JavaScript errors?



Hi Will,
I have logged with admin roles, anh run quick repair. But still this error.
Thank !

For me, seems to be browser based. It works on IE, fails on Chrome. Probably Adblock is being too aggressive.

Hello, I have the same problem with 7.1 and now with 7.1.1
Please help, I urgentely need to add dashboards to the home… :frowning:


same problem here, i can’t create news tabs on home page. Any solution?


Similar problem for me, I can’t create any kind of dashlets on home page, but if I create a new tab , switch on this new tab and then again in home, then I’m able to create a dashlet without problem. Is this to be considered a bug? I’have noticed many other problems with plugins like alineaSol, or other plugins that have to do with home page.


I only have issues with the graph dashlets (empty dashlet, javascript error message “failed”). After spending some time investigating the case, I found out the root cause of the issue. We’re running SuiteCRM on a Plesk 11.5.30 Server with Centos 6.5, PHP 5.3.3. When PHP is running as a Fast-CGI module the dashlet cache files which get dynamically created in /cache/xml/, have the wrong file ownership & permissions (chmod 600). This is the case even though the parent folder cache has the correct ownership (Group psaserv / Owner: pleskhostingaccount) and permissions (chmod 775). When running PHP as an Apache Module the graph dashlets work fine due to the fact that the files in /cache/xml are assigned to the apache user with write permissions.

Since this only concerns graph dashlet relevant files in /cache/xml/, could this be a bug in the PHP code?

hi rossi,

in the system settings, you can define “Maximum number of Sugar Dashlets on Homepage”, maybe you have reached the limit of dashlets (15 by default)

Excited to have this version but add dashlet problem is there with me also. Tested with different browser and OS but somehow it works with few combination (Tested with ubuntu/firefox) and not working with few(WIN 7/Firefox/chrome)

Even one bug is there that if we click filter in home dashlet there is another dashlet appears downside :frowning:

Any solution guys?

hi mavitec,

Yes I’m aware of this setting, but it’s not the problem (now only 3 dashlets is present). I’ve 2 php warning and 1 php fatal error in my error.log, as reported in another post:
My SuiteCRM 7.1.1 instance runs on virtualized windows server 2008 with apache 2.2 and php 5.3.28 as an apache module.
No problem with earlier version of suitecrm (7.0)

Error :
SUGAR.mySugar.currentDashlet is null
Need possible tweak/fix in file mysugar.js (include/mysugar & include/mysugar/javascript)

Any one to fix??

same here. cannot add tabs, cannot add dashlets.
no errors seen with webdeveloper extension so far.
dashlet limit temporary forced to 99 for testing purposes. no results.
due to limitations in my hosting provider, suitecrm seems unable to write to log file (still investigating that with hosting support, probably not directly related)

ABP plugin disabled, with no effect.

Another possible fix: FastCGI. I’m running on Dreamhost, and ran into many strange issues with FastCGI. I disabled it, and things seem to be working much better.

And for anyone who wants it, here is my phprc file, stored in /home/user/.php/5.4/phprc

upload_max_filesize = 128M
post_max_size = 128M
max_execution_time = 600
max_input_time = 600
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT
gc_maxlifetime = 600

Also, try to log-out and log-in after you create the tab. Sometimes I see caching errors.

for my particular case, none of the mentioned solutions did the trick so far

oh, wait!

now it seems that I can see the added tabs logging out and in again so caching problems are taking place indeed.

and internet explorer 11 seems to work correctly when adding dashlets, while ffox/chrome not (?)

I’m quite confused, and webdeveloper extension reports no remarkable errors

Hi there,

We’d always recommend a Quick Repair & Rebuild after installation/upgrade and logging out/in.



hi will,

of course, I am performing the quick repair, but behaviour is quite unconsistent and I am having a hard time trying to identify a specidifc pattern to reproduce the error. It sometimes shows already deleted tabs, other times it won’t show just added ones…
I will try to test everything more throughly in order to get a better diagnose.