Temperamental login, unable to gain access

I’m new to SuiteCRM, apologies for any inadvertent faux pas. I installed version 8.1.0 using softaculous on my cpanel.

I’ve created a user account, but the login is extremely temperamental. When it works, everything seems as it should, but I have a helluva time logging in.

Most commonly, I get a green error message that reads “You have been logged out because your session has expired”. I also sometimes get a red “Unexpected error when calling action”.

When I check the console, I get what looks like an async error, the promise returning ‘undefined’.

I found this question which appears to be a similar problem, and if I follow the responses and try the url extension ‘/public/legacy/index.php?action=Login&module=Users’, it works and I can login.

If anyone could give me any guidance on how to fix this error, I’d appreciate it.

Can you try to use version 8.1.2 instead of 8.1.0? There was a bug fix relating the login. There is a chance your problem is already fixed in the newer version of SuiteCRM.

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Fingers (and everything else) crossed this seems to have solved the problem, thank you very much! I wiped version 8.1.0, and reinstalled 8.1.2 and it seems to be working now without the login problem. Thanks again.