Login credentials incorrect, please try again


i installed the beta version of suitecrm.
I can’t log in because I get this notification back “Login credentials incorrect, please try again.”

How can I fix this problem?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Do you have access to Database?
you dont remember what you set for User Name Password?
If you can navigate to users table in the db, you will get the User who you registered.

Yes I have access to the DB and I know my username and my password.

Its strange because when I use this like, It works, but I don’t get the css.



And when I use


i can’t connect but the css works

Please post it on SuiteCRM 8 Beta Issues hopefully @clemente.raposo will answer this.

Hi @cherub-chum, @Robin17,

@cherub-chum thanks for bringing my attention to this issue and for re-directing to the SuiteCRM 8 Beta Issues.

I have replied on that thread with the following comment: