Tema BMyA2 // TemaBMyA4

I am working in a theme based on Suite7, but with some changes, including the placement of the logo into the navbar, some changes in styles, i.e colors, and size of the buttons and boxes, that seems too loose or space-taking in the current Suite7. This theme is there for you to fork or to collaborate with it at:


The idea, is to include several administration options, in order to change some settings.

Besides, I contributed a theme based on SpecINFO_Blue, but with some elegant changes. This theme have already been merged into Github SuiteCRM master branch, thru a pull request, but not available yet with the zip distribution.

It is separated for you to fork and contribute to it thru pull requests.


All you have to do to test, is to put in /themes/, since there is no an installable yet, or if you will be developing from your instance, treat them as git submodules, using:

(from suitecrm directory in your server)

git submodule add git@github.com:bmya/TemaBMyA2.git themes/TemaBMyA2

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The SpecINFO_blue theme is not in the SuiteCRM github or the zip, as it seems it not in you fork either?

bmya2… I’ve made a pull request some weeks ago from my own branch , and I could see you merged at that moment…

if not there, the themes have been arranged in separate projects. Links above.

Just tell me please, which is the better way to do this, and I’ll do it.

In my opinion I think a nicer way to manage it is to have feature branches as outlined here,

where each theme is just a feature branch of the main branch and will keep it all with the same project and easy to merge into the other branches

then just the use a pull request to merge into the main project

Any screenshots to see how it looks like?



TemaBMyA4 doesn’t have a preview yet. In a few days more we’ll have it.

Hi Daniel.

I tried your theme but after intalling it and using under my admin profile, there is nothingnew from the original classic SuiteCRM theme… except my logo is coming under the taskbar.

What did i do wrong? Permissions & rights are ok on your TemaBMyA4 folder in the root directory.Is there something special to do ?

Thanks for your help!

Did you selected the theme, clicking on your profile?

The red color in the original theme has been replaced by orange, the logo is INSIDE the taskbar, in the old place where the search box was, the icons are almost all replaced by glyphicons style, and buttons are flattened. This is the change in bmya4

Hi Daniel,

Many thanks for your quick answer but as i told you, your TemaBMyA4 theme is set correctly and selected under my profile (admin).
As my logo is not respecting the standard dimensions admited in SuiteCRM, it is displayed under the taskbar and not inside (I can suppose). If the Color is orange, it is just for some parts…Titles, almost (nothing new except logo in the home page). Also not any glyphicons style and flattened buttons. I try to repair but… Do i have to reset my homepage preferences or something else?

And of course Daniel, it is a real pity cause my graphic chart… is orange based :slight_smile: I really would like to see your theme running!! Screens are below attached.

Thanks for your help


Ok, now I saw the attachments.

I have made some adjustments to the theme, in order to have the logo located inside the bar.
The other enhancement, that by now will depend from another module in develop, will replace the gear wheel of config options by the photo, provided you upload (by hand by now) a photo to upload directory, with the id of the user

for example, cp myphoto.png /upload/978c60ff-b1e0-0342-c6eb-509b38c71013 (your user id without .png extension)

The weird thing is I don’t know why the search box is there in your screen capture, since I have removed it.

If you installed it as a subproject from github just:
cd /theme/BMyA4
git pull

This new version has, as promised a theme Preview to see how it looks.

Hi Daniel,

Changes are done but no evolutions. The git pull command give me “Already up to date” as result and if I try to rename the 1st Tema… folder to reload a new and give correct permissions(www-data:www-data). No differences (logo is still under the taskbar). So I went in your github to look but last changes were done 2 months ago. Am I in the right place (https://github.com/bmya/TemaBMyA4) ?



yep! you were right! I was modifying over my own repo… It’s already merged right now, so try. Thanks!

:slight_smile: Working better Daniel. Thanks a lot!

I don’t know what you planned for the definitive theme but I thought to do something really modern… inspired from bootstrap themes (http://getbootstrap.com). What I saw as sales-themes for Sugar is really expansive, not adaptive… and coming from a very old age.

I did not dive deeply inside the architecture of SuiteCRM but it should not be so complicate to have roll buton in js script and shorcuts icons, directly in your home page (a sort of “windows style” but really modern an usefull).

I’m actually working on a dedicate version for video apps. Our business is in video security domain. To mix video techno in realtime with alerts, telemetry, telephony and reporting is pretty easy.

Sugar is not at all a dedicate professional solution when coming “out of the box”.
So with a very good design and some idea… there is a real market.

What is your domain Daniel?

This is TemaBMyA2

Forked SpecInfo y TemaBMyA2

If you take a look what is there at Sugar and Suite directories:


Seems that something of bootstrap is being used… but is in an old version, besides in order to take full advantage of bootstrap and other new features, we should have a more deep adaptation to html5. Today if you put in your navigator “view source code”, you will find int the first line:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">

If you see BMyA4 theme, in near future versions, you will find instead:

<!DOCTYPE html>

This is an attempt to begin and adaptation of the theme to full html5. But this is not an easy thing, since, for example, the code is difficult to validate w3c. Another example is my unsuccessful attempt to use fonts in the theme.

However, I think that this kind of objectives could be reached easier thru SuiteCRM community than in the past. UI is the main, (sometimes if not the only) aspect that make the end common users to adopt or reject a software tool today, and the developers community knows that.

I’m going to investigate. I will forward …

Merry christmas!

Hi Daniel,

Changing SugarCRM to become a responsive application is a large task. The whole front end architecture needs to be rebuilt from the ground up to be both valid w3c HTML5/CSS3 code, and responsive to fit all device resolutions and sizes.

Some of SugarCRM’s styles and HTML are hard coded so the conversion to HTML5 would need to be done thoroughly and effectively to truly enhance the users experience of the CRM.



Of course Will! but I still think that this could be today a possible objective.

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Hi Daniel,

I agree. The front end architecture is dated. It would be a great community project to develop SuiteCRM to be responsive.



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