Tema BMyA2 // TemaBMyA4

Do you have a demo ?

I’d like
1 a more smooth, intuitive, mondern looking interface - see examples
2 replace/change the subpanels to sidepanels
It irritates me to scroll down

A total view on 1 page.

Examples of good UI

This new UI should be part of the new SuiteCRM.

I agree there is a need of a better interfase. There is a perception for new adopters, that it’s an old and raw product, but please notice that Sugar7 changed the interfase to something “better” (even, I don’t like it) and screwed up almost all the way developers work. I prefer to wait and make safe steps in this.

Both themes, are just a very modest face wash.

You should join forces with multiple developpers.
The functionality in SuiteCRM is great but the ancient look frightens users.
The responsive theme is urgent or i fear the whole project could be endagered.
There are lots of good developpers around all over the world and coorperation could deliver a great result.

“You should join forces with multiple developpers.” <- Thats why the projects are in Github.

As Daniel has stated, the project is on GitHub. There is nothing stopping developers contributing a responsive theme to the project.

The responsive theme is on the roadmap.

Many people use SuiteCRM and the theme may be an issue for some, but there are many others out there who use the CRM for its extensive functionality.

We will address the theme/mobile, but all of these things require time to analyse and approach in the right way.



Hi guys,

I’ve been working on using Twitter Bootsrap, re-writing the current CSS and adding in a sidebar(which the user will be able to toggle on/off if they want full screen width). This will allow for quicker navigation to user areas/actions/recently viewed records:

The login has also had a slight rework:

It’s the start of a large overhaul, and the views/dashlets are much more of a challenge to re-write in an upgrade safe way and will take time, but I’ll keep you updated.

I will push the code to GitHub once it is in a usable and stable format(responsive dashlets/views/menu and enhanced UI changes), so that it can be worked on by others if they so wish.

Kind Regards,


Some updates, although still a long way to go.

wow! wow! wow!

Niiiice and fun!

See you used the glyphicons I proposed!..Good! I think they are more stylish.
Will it be an update to official project? or in want to merge it with my project?

Will be an alternative theme added to official? or the official one?

The user photo will be a must… bmya4 has a way to show an archive with the user ID as the name, in the top-right and in the feed. Just should add a way to upload it.

Logo at the top-left seems appropiated.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the feedback.

I’m working via Git and have committed many changes. The point of the theme is to make most/all of the CRM responsive. This will take considerable time.

When I feel the theme is stable enough, I will push all of my commits up with my new branch(responsivetheme) to the main project, meaning that people will be able to check out and improve on/build on/contribute to the new theme.

Kind Regards,


Looks promissing.
I have to apologize, but I have no technical knowledge.
For me functionality is great. Some minor changes would suffice. Less focus on BtoB, more on BtoC.
With new UI usersexperience will improve significantly and succes of Suite will defenitively increase.
Keep up the work.
In annex some intuitive UI.

Looks absolutely great and love the sidebar idea.
What about adding the sub-panels as individual tabs within a record across the top that have the option open or default to show a detail view of the related item in that sub-panel within that tab if desired and allow for a quick create that automatically relates the item to the open opportunity? (much like with the panel/tab option whole creating a module view within studio and the current quick create, just more intuitive for the “less than technical” employees).

This would make record creation so much easier as well as create a situation where ALL pertinent details are available via an opportunity are available and not limited to the content space of a dashlet? This is especially helpful for brokerage type sales models where each individual "inventory " item is unique for each transaction such as in the case of brokerage or consignment sales models. For example: Real Estate brokerages, Import brokers, consignment stores, and auction houses etc.

These sales models have dual funnels as the “inventory” is sourced individually rather than in bulk as in a wholesale B2B model or in-house as in a service model. Technically, we have multiple core opportunity types (procurement/listing for obtaining inventory) and the transaction itself (the sale or lease of said inventory) each with very unique “products” assigned to them which cannot be assigned to any other opportunity at the same given time.

As such, Brokers would need to have one step accessibility to the details of the inventory related to the opportunity without having to switch through and open multiple records in addition to the details of the “deal” itself in once place.
(IE: a business broker needs to be able to access all of the data regarding a business (the financial data, operational data, insurance information, lists of inventory and equipment), the associated real estate (block, lot, physical address, features, tax info, zoning info, dimensions of both land and improvements and physical condition), and any licensing commodities (license number, issuing authority, license type, restrictions and use) attached to an opportunity as well as the opportunity details itself in order to best serve both the client and the customer.)

As a broker, I speak to a ton of other brokers and it seems that most CRM/s and productivity software do not cater to our needs in any way and that majority of us cannot afford to invest in having one created/modified for us as some of the large brokerages do.

Adding to the front end the ability to see ALL of the details of the items related to an opportunity would go a huge way toward making Suitecrm the foremost platform for the industries that use this model and although my coding is limited to the basic I learned on a Macintosh (did I just date myself?) and the first gen html I taught myself eons ago, I believe this should be possible through the interface itself rather than core functionality coding. It would also make the interface much more user friendly for luddites like my boss who need only create an opportunity and then create all related items within that opportunity from the same interface window by migrating through the tabs and not having to go back and forth between modules.
Making the interface usable and intuitive for the novice is paramount.

I am unsure of the dual pipeline could be as well unless as users, we set up Opportunity types (listing/procurement and Sales) and I do not think that the current charting/forecasting can at all without the user having core coding knowledge to create them. (Ie: charts showing the funnels showing where we are in procuring listings separated from the funnels for the actual sales stages)

Hi nbnewell,

That sounds like a good suggestion. It is not something that is planned, but does not sound overly complex.

It may just be the case of restructuring sub-panels to show more data and moving to where they are displayed.

Sub-panels are already grouped if you select this option in your user preferences too.



I sugggested sidebar panels instead of subpanels, but the repsresantiation of these subpanels as tabs will improve efficiency, and that is what is tis al about.
Good luck!

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I actually like the idea of having BOTH with the sidebar having the capability to give a detail view snapshot of a list item
I may have actually found a workaround for my “tabbed subpanels” concept. I finally found documentation on how to populate fields in a “master” record (say opportunities) from a related field (say properties or product) to show specified details of one record inside the detail view of the other.

Still, all of that danged scrolling through subpanel list views makes my carpal tunnel syndrome cranky. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did this ever get pushed to completion, the photos provided don’t look available in the “SuiteR” Theme? Or look quite like it all lol