Sutecrm 8.4 empty date fields

This happened on last update to 8.4. I have multiple date fields on Account tab, some of them should be empty. When saving i get “There are validation errors” message.

Can’t date field be empty when saving?

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Currently, date field is set to required when its empty regardless of field settings. The quickest fix is to switch to to date/time field, which is not required.

The only solution is to place date fields on different tabs. When switching tabs and then saving the account, the validation doesn’t cause any issues.

I have a few more questions; if you have insight into where in the code I could change this?
How can I change an existing Date field to a Date/Time field? How can I override the requirement for an empty date field?


Thanks for getting in touch and raising this with us!

I can replicate this in 8.4.0, so it appears as though it is indeed a valid bug.

Would you be able to raise this on our Suite8 Github repo, so we can track and resolve this issue?:

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention!


Is this related?