SuiteCRM V8 and Mautic 5 Integration - Current Status

I see a few posts here and on the Mautic forum about whether or not the SugarCRM Integration that comes with Mautic works with Mautic 5 and SuiteCRM 8. The answer is YES.

I have successfully got the integration working.

Here is what works (on all versions):

New Contacts/Leads → Mautic YES
New Contact/Leads → SuiteCRM YES
Changes in SuiteCRM - > Mautic YES

Changes in Mautic → SuiteCRM NO… this has been an issue for a while, but should work. I’ve tried a bunch of times to figure it out. There is a bug somewhere that I just can’t figure out.

It’s a shame because it could be SUPER powerfull.

Mautic has the ablility to do front end forms that update the record in Mautic upon form submit. If I could get this to push back to SuiteCRM, this is a great feature!

Other than that one issue. The integration works pretty well.

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Are you referring to the Sugar CE plugin that comes with mautic and works with Suite thru the REST v4.1 API?

Hey @chris001 yes, I’ve been using it for years. It works great, other than the one issue. One of these days I’m going to get to the bottom of it. No one else in the Mautic community seems to have taken it on.

Changes in Mautic → SuiteCRM NO

Is the plugin working to send from Mautic → Sugar CE ?

When it fails to transmit to Suite, what does the logs say on the Suite side, FATAL or Error?
Logs on Mautic side, FATAL or Error?

Hey @chris001 yes new rcords get pushed both ways, so its not a connection problem. Updated leads pull from SuiteCRM. The only issue is changes (that are supposed to push) don’t push back. There is nothing in my logs on either side. My biggest issue with troubleshooting it is that Mautic doesn’t have an nice output to log like SuiteCRM. I know exactly the function responsible, I know pretty well line by line how it works, I just cannot log all the steps on the Mautic side to help me understand the problem.

On the Mautic side, you could either add a function to log text to a .log file, or use PHPStorm with Xdebug enabled, to step thru the code in that function, and examine those variables’ values, this would let you see why Mautic is failing to push changes to Suite.