SuiteCRM should use newer version of Elasticsearch

We are looking to get improved search beyond what Advanced or Basic search offers. We were hoping elasticsearch implementation would help for searching in documents like pdfs.

Why is SuiteCRM using elasticsearch 5.6 which reached EOL 2019-03-11?

Is elasticsearch integration a supported feature that we should work towards or has this development been dropped? When will roadmap integrate with newer version? Our PaaS deployment does not offer such old versions of elasticsearch.

Is there something on the roadmap to improve search and satisfy feature requests like suiteCRM needs a better way to search documents

ElasticSearch was recently added, I think it is meant to be supported in the future.

It seems there are some issues with what is required to upgrade:

This is open-source, community-maintained - as soon as someone can devote some resources to work on that upgrade, it can happen…