suiteCRM needs a better way to search documents

Recently I started using Alfresco to manage my documents. The search capability in Alfresco is incredible. It does a full text search through all of my pfd documents and returns the results before I can lift my finger off the key. Here is a link to a page I found that talks about the technologies they used to accomplish this. They talk about the Top three technologies: Solr Cloud, Elastic Search & Amazon Cloud Services. And to build the solution it appears they used Apache Manifold CF - the Open Source project from Apache Software Foundation Framework.
This is all way over my head. I am just posting this suggestion in hopes that it will be of use to those who are of greater ability than myself; who may endeavor to take on such a task. If you can implement this search functionality I believe that this search feature alone would cause many to choose suiteCRM over sugarCRM CE. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi Todd,

SuiteCRM already features AOD which utilises Lucene/Zend. There are plans for Solr integration on the roadmap.

AOD is constantly being improved and bug fixes applied to improve the search functionality.



Thank you for the follow up. Can you tell me how to enable full text search on my uploaded documents. I am getting zero results. For example I enter something like this “NFW7300WW01” into Alfresco and I get all the documents that contain that model number. I try the same thing in suiteCRM and I get nothing. I also try wild card search “%NFW7300WW01” and I still get nothing. I really want to use suiteCRM to store and search documents. Is there some setting that I need to enable?