SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v2.0 Beta

To all community members: The Beta for version 2.0 of the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin is now available on the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin GitHub repository.

Version 2.0 introduces the following new features:

  • Calendar Sync. Provides automatic syncing of Meetings, Calls and Tasks between Outlook and SuiteCRM.
  • Contact Sync. Provides automatic syncing of Contact records between Outlook and SuiteCRM.

Version 2.0 also benefits from various bug-fixes to the v1 plugin. We will be releasing an updated v1 plugin for those who wish to benefit from bug-fixes before v2 is released.

Please download, test and feed back on new functionality and report any bugs on the GitHub repository issue section. This will allow us to provide a more robust production release for all users.


The SuiteCRM Team.

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Has there been any thought/discussion to syncing directly with Microsoft Graph for Office 365?

Often times users won’t have an installed version. Graph would provide much rich information for SuiteCRM…


I installed without issue on Outlook/Office 365.
Currently my priority is testing Calendar sync, so I turned that on and auto-archive for a single test folder.

For the calendar, Outlook is importing every user’s meetings, not just my own. Did I miss a setup step? It has my own username/password in Settings…


hi folks,

I’ve noticed that you have done lots of work on proprietary support for calendars and contacts, and I’m sure it’s of great value to many folks out there but there is this threadthat remains ‘orphaned’ out there. I’m just wondering if there is someone who can address it as it’s related to calendar and calendar sharing.

Thanks so much!

Hi ,

today i installed the Beta Version of -suiteCRMAddIn for Outlook 2013.
Contact Sync works.

The Outlook Calendar is not synced to SuiteCRM. Is there anything special i have to take care ?

Best regards

Hi Will, thanks for all your efforts, is it planned a feature that allows you to
Add New SuiteCRM records from Outlook?
(To create a New Lead, or a New Contact from an Email in Outlook)

When i install ‘SuiteCRM-Outlook-Plugin v’ plugin in SuiteCRM it’s generate error like missing ‘manifest.php’.

In short plugin has no manifest.php file in his directory.

Could you provide me to the ‘manifest.php’ file of ‘SuiteCRM-Outlook-Plugin v’ plugin.

Could you provide me to the ‘manifest.php’ file of ‘SuiteCRM-Outlook-Plugin v’ plugin.

‘SuiteCRM-Outlook-Plugin v’ plugin has has no manifest.php file.

When I install ‘SuiteCRM-Outlook-Plugin v’ plugin in SuiteCRM it’s generate error like missing ‘manifest.php’.

Hi all. I have installed the Outlook plugin in Oulook 2013. It is adding the CRM events into Outlook calendar but the time isnot the correct one. it is adding the GMT time but my local zone is GMT +3
please advise
thank you

Can anybody tell me when this Outlook plugin is comming out of beta?


I installed the plugin on my Windows system. But it seems it is not connecting with the Outlook. As I cannot see the SuiteCRM option in my outlook after i installed the plugin.

I am using SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin ver I am having problems with the search function not working correctly when I archive to SuiteCRM. Is this a known bug and are there any fixes for it?

Also I downloaded the Beta Ver 2, and I am not able to see it in my outlook program either. I am running Outlook 2007.

I have some strange issues with plugin v2.0 beta.
I have installed it on Outlook 2013 and it works. But from time to time Outlook disables it during startup because it takes too long to load. This happens rarely but once in a few days a have this problem.

On the other hand even when plugin is loaded and works correctly there is an warning being logged in Event viewer saying that the plugin is disabled. And it is not. So every time I start Outlook it logs a warning but it actually loads this add-in.
See pic 1

However when I try to close Outlook I twice got a message box asking if I want to save changes (even thou I haven’t made any change)
Then I have to close this two message boxes so that Outlook goes off.
See pic 2

I suppose these are bugs (or probably 1 bug) that will be solved once this plugin goes to final release.
When is this planned?

Installed it - seems to be archiving emails… tasks and calendar are not synced at all. :frowning:

Is there a release date for the outlook plugin?

Hopefully the post I have just put on that thread answers the question. The WebDAV login loop is down to the calendar client trying to log in for write access to the SuiteCRM iCal feed. However, this is read only so the login fails. If you tell the client accessing the calendar that the feed is read only then, in my experience, everything works fine. Hope this helps.

Hi there

when syncing tasks and calendar entries are the relations to a certain contact synced too?
Can journal entries also be synced? I know journal is deprecated by microsoft but still there and pretty useful to quickly record a phone call, webchat, sms etc…


UPDATE: So actually the tasks do sync - one way, from CRM to Outlook 2016, but not in reverse. Any new tasks made in outlook are not synced to CRM, and any previously synced tasks from the CRM that are edited in outlook are no longer synced back to the CRM (and in fact become duplicated in outlook).

Also, tasks only sync if they have dates set - no dates in the CRM means no sync to outlook.

And of course, there is still no option to create new leads from the plugin, which it really needs. Either that or the mail portion of SuiteCRM needs updating and fixing to have a useful Email<->CRM working relationship. :confused:

Hi everybody,
how are things going on with the Outlook plugin?

On GitHub you seethese folders:

  • SugarCRMClient
  • SuiteCRMAddIn
  • SuiteCRMAddInSetup
  • SuiteCRMClient
  • SuiteCRMOutlookAddIn.sln
  • SuiteCRMOutlookAddIn.v11.suo

What are they?

Shall i just install the Outlook plugin with setup.exe?

The files are Visual Studio solution and project files. The SuiteCRMAddinSetup project will be listed as “incompatible” in Visual Studion, if you don’t have Installshield. The Setup.exe is the compiled setup program that will install it on your machine.

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