SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v2.0 Beta

Ok, thank you.
And what about the development stage?
When do you (or anyone involved in it) think the plugin will be ready for production use?

Beats me. I’m in the same position as you on waiting.

Last thing I saw was “in the next few weeks.”

Will this plugin work with older versions of Outlook? I am using 2007.

up ? :slight_smile:

Other than it not working on 32 bit versions of Windows, the only other thing I encounter on 64 bit machines is that it will sometimes not load for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 clients. Any suggestions on how to fix this or what other types of plugins might conflict with it?

I have installed the same 2.0 beta plugin and i have outlook 2013. but i can’t see any option from where i can sync the contacts.Please let me know the navigation steps incase i gave missed it

I have installed the v2.0 Beta into Outlook 365 (the most recent edition) and the plug-in half works. In my testing the tool cannot locate Opportunities - even when the full name is supplied in the search box.

That’s a showstopper for me :unsure:

arpit, see attached.

Has anyone been able to identify a work-around for the Calendar Time bug raised on Github?

I have no work around for the Timebug but this is a serious issue, it messes up your calendar!
Also non-crm items are changed by a couple of hours!
It looks like it is repeating itself, if you have 6h UTC difference then first an item is changed by 6h, and after a while another 6h…
I couldn’t disable this Outlook v2beta plugin fast enough…
Don’t try this on your work PC!

I noticed the outlook plugin does a 2-way sync somehow? Non-crm items in Outlook are added as a Meetings that all are related to the first (alphabetic) Account.
1-way sync (suitecrm > outlook) is sufficient for me, is that an option?

Check the following areas to see you you have the same time zone for everything

Server time:

Using the Command Line (terminal)
Open a terminal window by going to Applications>Accessories>Terminal.
sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata.
Follow the directions in the terminal.
The timezone info is saved in /etc/timezone - which can be edited or used below.

Under the Employee profile tab.
under advance


If you change the system timezone reboot the server as a just in case.

I think I might have found a solution to the prompt to save issue. It seems to be, at least for me, one prompt to save for every contact for which I have no associated SuiteCRM account.

Firstly, an aside to the other problems I had:
A lot of these were originally Outlook contacts with just a name and phone number and/or email address. On the first run of the Outlook plugin, it saw fit to delete every single Outlook contact (Windows 10, 64, Outlook 2016, 32), leave intact the SuiteCRM contacts, then proceed to duplicate only a select few of these SuiteCRM contacts up to 20 times over into both Outlook and SuiteCRM. After the first few runs of deleting duplicates, open, close Outlook, delete duplicates, etc, it seems to have stopped the duplication. I was then able to drag all of the deleted contacts out of Outlook’s deleted items and they successfully synchronised back to SuiteCRM

Back to the problem:
I created an account in SuiteCRM called “No Account” and associated every contact with no account to it. Mass update is useful for that. After the next sync, I no longer seem to get the prompt to save, 87 times per close of Outlook, sometimes one or two. I’m going to go through my tasks and calendar entries, maybe even archive all of my old entries and see if that clears the last two.
What I did notice is the contacts that will prompt you to save on close are those that if you double click to open, then hit escape to close, will prompt you to save there and then. If you still have a nagging few prompts, you could painstakingly open every contact, then close and see if you are prompted, then make sure there’s an account associated with the contact in SuiteCRM

6 months late, maybe, but might be useful to someone.

Another aside. I only downloaded the setup.exe about 3 days ago from Github. when I hover a mouse over the setup.exe, it tells me I have version When I look now on Github,, anywhere, I cannot find that version for the life of me. Maybe it was pulled because it’s buggy.


installed on win8.1 x64 with outlook 2013 x32

im using LDAP to login to crm , and outlook plugin does authenticating with LDAP user&password
when exiting outlook i receive multiple messages to save or cancel.

Because of the issue that I have problem archiving email to Contracts module using Opacus Outlook Plugin Lite V3…

I started to explore this SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v2.0 Beta. However, the outcome is the same. The archived email is not shown in the History subpanel of Contract module. There is no error message in the suitecrm log.

I also had the time bug, the deletion of contacts from Outlook and now it just simply won’t connect. Guess I’ll have to pay for one of the paid extensions if I want this level of integration.

See attached picture for error.


I removed the previous version and installed the version 2 from Github last weekend. I’m using windows 10 and Outlook 2016. Install was fine. Once starting up Outlook the plug in immediately started synchronizing tasks, calendar and contacts. I noticed a bunch of my personal contacts being synchronized and tried to change the settings to stop the sync. Outlook was not responding and could not change settings. Deleted all of the contacts in SuiteCRM and restarted but that caused deletion of contacts in Outlook. Thankfully they were in the deleted items folder and I was able to recover. I tried disabling the internet connection to SuiteCRM and disabling the auto sync. Upon doing that and closing the settings window, I would go back to settings to see if this setting was saved. It wasn’t. I tried several time to deselect but to no effect.

I would like to try using it if this could be fixed and the default instal was no syncing.