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SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector - AsterLink

GitHub Link

Latest release


  • Calls logging with SuiteCRM “Calls” module.
  • Related record search by phone number.
  • Click-to-call - dialing for “tel” fields.
  • Pop up card for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Forwarding calls to assigned user.


  • Asterisk 13+

Default configuration should work fine with FreePBX 14+ setup.

Install instructions:


Pop up card

Module settings


Interesting. Is it works or is only for test?

Thank you.

This works, we are using it in our production servers for month now… thank you serfreeman, with your help setting up asterlink2 etc …

This works with asterisk 13x and vicidial aswell.

@serfreeman1337 do you offer config services as well ? would it work with freepbx as well ?

Thank you,

It says on the initial post that FreePBX is supported (it is basically Asterisk underneath).

@serfreeman1337 I don’t know how I missed this post earlier. This is great work, very valuable contribution to the Community! :tada:

I haven’t tried it yet, but I run a few Asterisk servers in some places, and am quite interested in this. Just a question, which way do you use to call into SuiteCRM from Go? Is it the v4.1 REST API, the v8 REST API?

(I don’t suppose it’s the new GraphQL API, it didn’t exist when you made this).

I can give a hand to migrate to this new api class. however on telephony side I am almost 0.