[SuiteCRM 8] How I can set the db_port in CLI?

Quote from the new manual: db_port

In the above parameter is set to the default port user in mysql and mariadb database engines. You should only change it in case your database host is using a different port.

What key should we specify to add a different port?

Hi @likhobory,

Thanks for the feedback.

You can use -Z "3306" or whatever port.

./bin/console suitecrm:app:install -u "admin" -p "pass" -U "root" -P "dbpass" -H "mariadb" -N "suitecrm" -S "https://yourcrm.com/" -d "yes" -Z "3306"

To see the list of all the options you can run:

./bin/console suitecrm:app:install --help

Which should give display an output like the following. Do you think it is important to add that to the install guide?

Hope this helps

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Yes, it will not be superfluous :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi @likhobory,

The install documentation has been updated. Thanks the inputs.

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