SuiteCRM 8.4 Beta Release

SuiteCRM 8.4 beta is now available to download

This is a pre-release and is NOT recommended for Production release.

This release not only incorporates all the changes made in SuiteCRM 7.14 to improve support for PHP8.2 and Smarty v4, but also includes many UI and developer improvements

For more information on this new and exciting pre-release, check out the pre-release page here

It’s important for us to give you, our community, the opportunity to participate and drive the project forward in a way that is meaningful to you. We are therefore asking that you help us make the 8.4 production release the best it can be, by sharing your feedback on this forum thread.


I was running on a test server v.8.3.1, php8.0, ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Mariadb 10.4. I applied V8.4-beta. To do this I had to update the test server to PHP8.2. I backed up everything. V8.4 updated properly. There are a number of pre-existing issues that still need attention like the “emails_email_template” relationship warning and my email function stopped working but I think those will resolve soon. A lot of the deprecation notices in the log are now gone, thank you!

A calendar display problem seems resolved for me in v8.4-beta.

I believe more details in the debug function would help. Citing the calling file or module would help narrow where the problem is coming from. For example, in the logging line, include the file where the logging is called. Thanks for the work.


This PR by @pgr is a lot of work and has been largely sitting available for 2-3 years. If the implementation would help debugging and assisting users on this forum then I would give it the highest priority for the next (beta) release of v8.x. If users are going to be asked to help identify bugs then we need the additional data that this PR will dump into the logs. I think the people who help on the forum deserve to have this fixed so they can focus on helping instead of spinning wheels on the same unidentifiable issues. Please prioritize this PR.