SuiteCRM-8.1.0 should be able to run on php 8.1

I recommend that the SuiteCRM project follows the cadence of php project

“Soon” php 8.0 will be EOL and php 8.1 is out for about 4 months already.

In my opinion it is better to play along than play catch.
So that now SuiteCRM 8.1.0 can run on php 8.0 and on php 8.1.

When I tried to install SuiteCRM 8.1.0 on php 8.1 I’ve got an error
[Tue Mar 29 11:21:29.720614 2022] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 58907:tid 140041720403712] [client] AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: PHP Fatal error: $GLOBALS can only be modified using the $GLOBALS[$name] = $value syntax in /var/www/crm/public/legacy/install/performSetup.php on line 782PHP message: PHP Stack trace:PHP message: PHP 1. {main}() /var/www/crm/public/legacy/install.php:0’, referer:

When I tried to install SuiteCRM 8.1.0 on php 8.0 the installation completed successfully.

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That particular error is already fixed (hopefully will be on next release)

… but what about all the rest? I know we “should” stay ahead instead of playing catch, but that just boils down to getting people - anyone from the community will do - working on these issues.

I understand the problem. I see a lot of projects that have speed up the cadence of new releases … like also Linux and FreeBSD. And aplication developers also have to speed up the development to be able to run on on newer kernel. :frowning:

Side note: I wouldn’t call this particula error to be fixed … it still doesn’t work on latest SuiteCRM. :wink: But I understand you.

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If anyone has a similar issue, see my fix here until it officially comes out.