Suite CRM - free version -are these possibilities available?

Hi everyone,
Last week I started using Suite CRM - free version.
Some time ago I used a Pipedrive CRM and I was wondering if some possibilities are available in Suite CRM as well.

  1. Converting ‘lead’ into ‘contact’
    I would like to know if there is a possibility to convert ‘a lead’ into ‘a contact’ without necessity of creating ‘a company’ As far as I can see I have to use existing company or create a new one while converting a lead into contact.

  2. Can I search anything by providing just a part of e-mail or just name without first name?
    Right now I have to provide full e-mail or first name and name when I want to search for a contact / lead / company in filters. Otherwise there is information that no records are found.

  3. How can I customize lead and contact modules to add possibility of creating a new call in the same time while creating a new lead/new contact? Is it possible to have this option on the same page?

Thank you in advance!

  1. yes, if you create Lead record then from Detail View actions you can check Convert Lead Option.

  2. Yes, you have module search and global search too

  3. This would need customisations. However if you want to create Lead/Contact record first and then Log a call against that record, then it is a standard process.

Thank you very much for reply.

  1. Please find attached a print screen showing that I have to put Account details while converting a lead into a contact. Righ know I want to convert lead just into contact without creating an account. How can I skip this? I left the check box with company empty and hoped it’s enough for me to do but ,as you can see, the system says this field is mandatory.account check box

you can remove these section from Lead Convertdefs.php
those are not available via studio so you need to copy modules/Leads/metadata/convertdefs.php to custom folder and then change the section you dont need.

hmmm. …sounds very advanced.
Are you able to give me some tips how to do this step by step?
I’m just a user, not an IT worker :wink:

For question number 1, there is a reply here:

It is a bit technical, but no too hard to do. Maybe get some help for it if you feel insecure.

Thank you. I replied to the post you’ve sent me. :wink: