Suite crm and mautic 5

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Is the latest version of built in mautic suitecrm compatble with with v8.x of SuiteCRM?
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I saw an forum discussion that said some one made ti work, but did nto share how.


You could ask on the same post. How they do it :upside_down_face:

Here are few blog posts by Paul.

I did, but no reply yet. Which is why I asked the suite crm community, in addition to the mautic community. Maybe others have worked on this before, that have not been brought up;


Hey @joehogan I have Mautic and SutieCRM working on many installations. They work great together.

For V8 you’re going to run into an issue. Since it uses the API url to sync, the URL will be different for SuiteCRM V8, so you’re either going to have to do a server redirect, or edit the URL in the Mautic Plugin to get the API V4.1 to work on SuiteCRM V8.

I haven’t tried it myself on SutieCRM 8 yet, but other than this, don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work. I have it working on up to 7.14.3 right now.

PS - Never got your inquiry, maybe some kind of website glitch (happens). Please try again, I’d be glad to help.

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I did nto send you an inquiry. I was commenting on @rsp comment saying I should ask the poerson who made the comment about how he made it work, in the other forum discussion I found on the mautic discussion.

This other discussion, where I did ask the same kind of questions, did not have any response yet.

YOu have been able to make the sync go two ways? I think I read one of your posts in a discussion where it does sync both ways with the built in integration, but needs tweaking.

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It works great but is only one way. You need to choose which is primary. The primary will always overwrite thr secondary. However, new records on either side get replicated on both.

In addition you designate primary on a field by field basis so you can get creative.

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While this is the compatibility list for that plug in, I was referring to the built in integration in mautic itself.

@pstevens answered this question just fine.

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Thanks very much for the information @pstevens

Is compatibilty still there even with upgrading to mautic v5x?


Yes it works no problem v5x.

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Hey @joehogan I just started another post about the current state of Mautic/SuiteCRM. I have it syncing with Mautic 5 and SuiteCRM 8. Just tried it out today.