Suite 8.1.2 - Things missing from 7.12

Hello all

Beginning to go through Suite8 to create user guides and migrate our clients

Have noticed today there is no sidebar in Suite 8.1.2 - are there any future plans to include a sidebar?

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I have also noticed Desktop Notifications are not available in the menu.

Are there any plans for this to return?

Also noticed iFrames are not working on detail view

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History subpanel - module icons are missing


It is much harder to identify the record type without the icon visible

Image field type does not work and shows a text field?

Opportunity > Contact “Role” relationship

In SuiteCRM 7 it takes you to choose the role for the Contact

In SuiteCRM 8 it takes you to the edit screen for Contact

Opportunities probability does not change with Sales stage

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History Subpanel no longer has the ‘View Summary’ or ‘Filter’ buttons

List View > edit — pencil icon is missing


From 1 click to edit the user now needs to take 3 clicks to edit a record

Record Link > Actions > Edit

Call Reschedule button is missing from Call record action buttons

Calls, Meeting and Tasks used to have an action button ‘Close and Create New’

This would change the status to close and take the user to the create screen

I am unable to find those buttons

Email templates

Insert an image, upload from computer is missing?


Suite8, the search icon button is not there, how do I upload an image on my device?


The popup window that appears does NOT allow multiple select

For example, Adding Contacts to a target list, the pop up appears and I can only select one at a time

Edit: This does not impact all module popups only the newly updated, for example, adding delegates to an event I can see a similar popup to Suite7 with the checkboxes to select multiple

There is no advanced filter

Advanced filter is still available in studio, however it seems it is not an option for any module?

AOW workflow Calculated fields do not appear

Selected the action but nothing appears underneath

Reports Dashlet

Does not display any report selected

Link my report

Click save but nothing displays

Click edit again and the selected report is gone

Admin > Rename Modules is blank screen and cannot rename modules