Smart phone dialer and SuiteCRM?

I’d been thinking it would be really smart if there was app /dialer for android smart phones so you could click the number in the SuiteCRM (In your Windows office computer), and then your smartphone would call the number up to the lead/customer etc.

I’m not talking about these bloated versions you can already find where you load the whole CRM into the whole and can manage and edit everything. I’m simply talking about is a lean and clean connection through the Windows app would connect to your smartphone to initiate the phone calls and pretty much do that when you clicked a number in SuiteCRM.

That would be really neat and really useful and convenient. We all carry around smart phones these days and is for many I’d think would agree with me that smartphones the most preferred communication medium vs landlines, softphones/VOIP etc.

Is there such a thing these days? :thinking:

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If you load the CRM via Mobile Browser, does the Phone fields not Offer a click to Call ? this is a how the CRM is handling Phone and Email Fields. Did you tried to login to your CRM via Mobile Browser?

I have snipped a little picture of a bit of flow that I have happening in my office for some telephony logic… Showing you can drag and drop call widgets that help you do things during the life cycle of a call.

In your example you want to activate a phone via: a suitecrm button.

You could achieve such a thing… Lets say you had a sales agent in a different room than you. You could initiate a call between his phone and someone else… :slight_smile:

both peoples phones would ring. haha

Check out twilio… I have just as of today made it so when a call comes in suitecrm is activated and does a search on the callers phone number. all while the phone is ringing… whoo hoo.

If you want you can always check out twilio from this link :slight_smile:

This is understanding, you have your own opinion. That is also reasonable. But what I think is that CRM systems are usually integrated with asterisk or other calls servers. When we click from desktop system to dial a phone call. The call goes out from that call server. Now at call end, the logs are also synced to the CRM. And the Call reports are also managed on that side. That the Call Center/Support Staff manager can check anytime. By this the overall performance is monitored.

Now if we do something like to provide a dial up feature from within the mobile phone? How all these possibilities will work?? It will be a good help for single person who is using the CRM but not for whole of the company where CRM’s are actually being used.


for sure. At the call system is where you want to be hitting the crm with data… This is what I am currently working on… how to put a call record into suitecrm and then also apply that record to the contact that is in the system already… and of course perform searching and other duties all while the call is still ringing…

… still working on it…

Wow so may replies… :blush:
Thanks guys. :+1:

Well I’m more thinking something simplistic:
SuiteCRM <---- ----> Windows app <---- ----> Bluetooth <— ---> Android app ----> phone calls the cllient/prospect/lead.
(And we are not talking about any dial pads or the bloated apps which loads most of the SuiteCRM too with leads and stuff like that in the android - it just enables the Bluetooth connection between your pc and CRM so the lead’s phone numbers are clickable. So its just lightweight app for the connection itself)

It would just be a very convenient of doing the daily things. Loads of employees in companies have smartphones provided by their company/employer as part of their job and its a very common thing. Landlines are just more and more uncommon in offices these days. So its would be a logic thing to have CRM connection like that.

I agree that Asterix is amazing, but again one size doesn’t fit all. Changing to an Asterix system requires investments in new communication infrastructure from purchase to educating staff to l learn how to use it. And you would still install an app on their cell phones for the mobile staff etc.

Having the above simplistic solution would let you continue with your existing national phone operator which you might already have a very favorable deal negotiated with. So to continue to use that would come as a very natural to everyone because everyone already knows how to use their smartphones = no need to educate people which reduces costs too.

So that’s my 5 cents. :thinking:

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I would assume that there are already apps that could do this for you. Not SuiteCRM add-ons, but generic Windows<—>Android apps like AirDroid, Pushbullet, or Windows Your Phone, or similar…

Well then it would be able to read/recognize the phone numbers in SuiteCRM I would imagine, (and make them click to call). Right?

Or am I incorrect? :thinking:

I been searching a lot myself by the way, before i created this forum thread here and I didn’t have much luck finding anything to be honest. So that lead me to thinking if you guys knew something…

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I believe there’s a mechanism in the browser/operating system

You tell the browser what to do with tel: URI’s. So a telephone number is a link that the browser redirects to some program. So for example if you install Skype, it might register itself with the browser to handle those links.

My supposition is that probably some of those Android integration programs have the same capability, but they redirect the call to the phone.

Wow, that’s really interesting with Windows 10…

If it works then it would be great!

Definitely going to check out that article. Thank you so much for sharing that pgr. :+1:

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